On the box


Menzies & Churchill at War – Lifts the lid on a bitter behind-the-scenes battle between the leaders of Britain and Australia during World War II. ABC1, 5pm, Sat Jan 23.

Everyone Loves a Wedding – A story of two couples from war zones who have lost their homelands, but not their traditions or customs. SBS1, 10.30am, Sun Jan 24.

Thalassa: Shadow Workers – Like all foreigners who try their luck in Dubai, the city's 500,000 construction workers are lured by the prospect of quick money. SBS1, 6pm, Sun Jan 24.

Welcome to Tehran – Rageh Omaar goes behind the headlines to find the real Iran. ABC1, 10.30pm, Sun Jan 24.

Samson & Delilah –Their world is a small isolated community in the central Australian desert. ABC2, 9.25pm, Sun Jan 24.

The '30s in Colour: End of an Era –The home movies of Eva Braun, who had access to the inner circle of the Nazi leadership. SBS1, 2.35pm, Mon Jan 25.

The Meth Epidemic – How and why methamphetamine use has spiralled out of control in the US and has become its fastest-growing drug abuse problem. SBS2, 7.30pm, Mon Jan 25.

Lucky Miles – A bittersweet comedy about three refugees lost in the Pilbara, desperately searching for civilisation in the never-ending desert and being pursued by a hapless army reservist unit. ABC1, 8.30pm, Mon Jan 25.

Obama's America – In-depth look at Barack Obama's first year in office. SBS1, 7.30pm,Tues Jan 26.

Travels with a Tangerine: Trade Winds – Exploring the place of Islam today in Hindu-dominated India as well as China. It also tells the story of the glittering Islamic trade empire of the 14th century. ABC1, 8:30pm, Tues Jan 26.