On the box


Becoming Muhammad Ali — The story of Cassius Clay, a charismatic black boxer from Kentucky, who defied the personal and political restraints of his time, to emerge a global hero. SBS2, Sunday, November 29, 11am.

Living Black — Australia's only prime-time Indigenous current affairs program. SBS1, Monday, November 30, 6pm.

Letter to Anna — Addresses one of the most disturbing incidents during Vladimir Putin's presidential term: the murder of Russian journalist and Putin critic Anna Politkovskaya. SBS2, Monday, November 30, 7.30pm.

Honeybee Blues — Tells the story of the world's disappearing honeybees and the efforts of Australian scientist Dr Denis Anderson to save them from annihilation. SBS1, Tuesday, December 1, 7.30pm.

Sex Positive — Explores the life of Richard Berkowitz, a revolutionary gay S&M-hustler-turned-AIDS activist of the 1980s, who made an incomparable contribution to the invention of safe sex. SBS1, Tuesday, December 1, 10pm.

Six Days in August — A film that looks at the impact of the AIDS pandemic in South Africa and the impact it is having on families. ABC1, Tuesday, Deceber 1, 11.10pm.

Here's Looking at You, Boy — A history of gay cinema. SBS1, Wednesday, December 2, 1.20am.

Cyber Guerillas — The internet has become a new battleground in political conflict. This program asks how has computer hacking changed and developed? SBS2, Thursday, December 3, 10pm.