On the box


In Search of Bony — Explores how Arthur Upfield came to create the unique and highly controversial fictional hero, Aboriginal detective Napoleon Bonaparte. SBS1, Friday, June 26, 2.30pm.

Message Stick: Intervention — Two years ago, the Howard Coalition government announced its "intervention" into Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory. ABC1, Friday, June 26, 6pm.

12 Canoes — A series of short films that paint a compelling portrait of the people, history, culture and place of the Yolngu people whose homeland is in north-central Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory. ABC1, Sunday, June 28, 1.30pm.

Little Red Flowers — Vividly realises the struggles between collectivism and individualism in post-revolutionary Chinese society. SBS2, Tuesday, June 3, 9pm.

Australian Biography — In Pentridge Jail at age 17, Noel Tovey contemplated suicide, but the voices of his Indigenous ancestors prevented him and helped turn his life around. Inspired to reinvent himself, Noel pursued his dream to become a dancer and actor. SBS1, Wednesday, July 1, 10pm.

Ten Canoes — Indigenous drama. A story of wrong love, kidnapping, sorcery, bungling mayhem and revenge gone wrong. SBS1, Wednesday, July 1, 10.30pm.

Worimi Bight Back — In a historic agreement in 2007, Crown land at Stockton Bight, near Newcastle, was handed back to the traditional owners — the Worimi people. ABC1, Thursday, July 2, 2.45am.