On the box


Revolucion: Five Visions — A breathtaking visual exploration of Cuba reveals five decades of revolution though the lenses of five Cuban photographers. SBS, Saturday, March 28, 3.25pm.

The Atheists — As best-selling books rail against religion, Compass talks to atheists of different stripes. What do they believe and are they all the same? ABC, Sunday, March 29, 10.05pm.

The Hidden History of Homosexual Australia — How extensive is the history of gays and lesbians in Australia? SBS, Monday, March 30, 12.15am.

Indonesia: A Reporter's Journey — Covers the 30 years of Suharto rule when Australia embraced the "strong man of Asia" despite the twin concerns of his track record of human rights abuses and his family's corruption. SBS, Monday, March 30, 1.30pm.

Living Black — Investigates the issue of gambling addictions in Central Australia. SBS, Monday, March 30, 6pm.

Gay Muslims — A program about being British, gay and Muslim. Explores the deep conflict of living in a country that is accepting of homosexuality, but belonging to a religion in which it's condemned, even by liberal imams. ABC, Monday, March 30, 11.35pm.

The Warlords Next Door? — Reveals how key politicians at the heart of the vicious fighting in Somalia have incredibly close links to Britain, and how British taxpayers are financing them in the name of democracy. SBS, Tuesday, March 31, 8.35pm.