On the box


The Long March — Pieces together the Long March of 1934, in which the Chinese Red Army broke out of their base in Jiangxi, southeast China, under attack by the ruling nationalist forces. Besieged by over a million nationalist soldiers, the communists suffered a loss of 60,000 soldiers and struggled for survival. SBS, Friday January 30, 2.30pm.

Judah & Mohammad — An intimate portrait of two teenage boys, one Israeli and one Palestinian, filmed over 18 months. ABC, Sunday, February 1, 10.30am.

A Small Town Welcome — Explores what happens when a tiny NSW community says "yes" to taking in a family of Sudanese refugees. ABC, Sunday, February 1, 10.05pm.

Bastard Boys — Dramatised account of the 1998 waterfront dispute. While based on real people and events, the characters, conversations and events depicted are wholly or partly fictional and do not necessarily reflect actual people and events. ABC, Tuesday, February 3, 9.35pm.

Machuca — Set in the days leading up to the 1973 military coup in Chile, two eleven-year-old boys — bourgeois boy Gonzalo Infante and the boy from the slum Pedro Machuca — become great friends, while the conflict on the streets leads Chile to the bloody and repressive military dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet on September 11, 1973. SBS, Tuesday, February 3, 11.25pm.

The Lost Year In Iraq — In the aftermath of the fall of Saddam Hussein, a group of US officials led by ambassador L. Paul Bremer III set off to Baghdad to build a new nation and establish democracy in the Arab Middle East. They left behind lawlessness, insurgency, economic collapse, death and destruction. SBS Wednesday February 4, 1.30am

Salam Cafe — A compelling look at the funny side of life as an Australian Muslim today. SBS, Wednesday February 4, 3pm.

TV Around the World: Venezuela — Looks at the ideological split that exists in Venezuelan television. Government-controlled public television supports President Hugo Chavez's social and political revolution. He even has his own regular Sunday show Alo Presidente on the public channel VTV. Commercial television, backed by big business, is at the forefront of the anti-Chavez opposition. SBS, Thursday February 5, 1pm.