On the box


Black Coffee: Gold in Your Cup — Coffee drinkers are questioning the origin of their coffee, the living conditions of those who produce it, and the misery of the slaves who were in the original coffee trade. SBS, Friday, September 5, 7.30pm.

Promise to the Dead — The Exile Journey of Ariel Dorfman — Dorfman became cultural advisor to socialist president Salvador Allende and was among a handful of Allende's inner circle to survive the overthrow of the Chilean government. SBS, Friday, September 5, 8.30pm.

I'll Call Australia Home — Every year millions of refugees escape civil war and human rights violations in search of a new homeland. Roughly 13,000 are accepted into Australia, but what happens once they arrive? SBS, Tuesday, September 9, 8.30pm.

Holidays in Places that Don't Exist: South Ossetia — The disputed area of South Ossetia, recently in the news during the Russian-Georgia conflict, is an area few would visit. SBS, Tuesday, September 9, 11pm.

Living Black — Indigenous news and current affairs program. SBS, Wednesday, September 10, 6pm.

Water — Incredibly moving film from Indian-Canadian filmmaker Deep Mehta. When the much older husband of nine-year-old Chuyia passes away, she is taken to a Widows' House in Varanasi, as is the tradition. SBS, Thursday, September 11, 10.05pm.