On the box


Flesh and the Devil Looks at compulsory celibacy in the Roman Catholic priesthood, and whether there is a connection between enforced celibacy and deviant sexual behaviour. ABC, Sunday, August 25, 2.35am.

Cutting Edge: Blair and Power — Tony Blair swept to a landslide victory in 1997, becoming, at 43, the youngest prime minister of Britain in nearly 200 years. He promised to restore trust in politics and breathe new life into Britain's tired institutions, but what was the real story? SBS, Tuesday, August 26, 8.30pm.

The Insurgency Examines the Iraqi insurgency and argues that the split between nationalists and Islamists is widening. SBS, Wednesday, August 27, 1.20am.

Living Black Indigenous news and current affairs program. SBS, Wednesday, August 27, 6pm.

The Hollowmen — Australian political satire. With many Australians struggling to find a home, a report into the cost of maintaining Kirribilli House looks set to prove embarrassing to the PM. ABC, Wednesday, August 27, 9pm.