On the box


UFOs, Lies and the Cold War — Argues that from 1947 into the 1960s, US intelligence was able to use UFO paranoia strategically to cover up secret weapons testing. SBS, Friday, June 6, 2.30pm.

Embassy Days — Follows the evolution of the Aboriginal land rights movement and the confrontations in Canberra in 1972 that gave birth to the Aboriginal Tent Embassy. ABC, Sunday, June 8, 1.30pm.

The Sixties: The Years that Shaped a Generation — Drawing material from the vast trove of memoirs, film, video and rare archival photographs, it captures the electricity, fervour and anger of the era. ABC, Monday, June 9, 11.10pm.

Animal Pharm: From Mouse to Man — Explores how farms of the future may use animals and crops to grow drugs, human cells and even organs. ABC, Tuesday, June 10, 8.35pm.

Artscape: Artists at Work — Joins the Black Swan Theatre Company and Bunuba Films as they prepare to bring the epic theatre production Jandamarra to the stage as part of the 2008 Perth International Arts Festival. ABC, Tuesday, June 10, 10pm.

A Big Country Revisited: The Islander — A time capsule study of an Indigenous community struggling for independence, self-determination and dignity. ABC, Wednesday, June 11, 3.55am.