On the box


Black Soldier Blues — Black GIs from the US during WWII were initially turned away from Australia due to the racist White Australia Policy. SBS, Friday, April 25, 12.55am.

True Stories — Looks at an exhibition of Aboriginal art from the East Kimberley region of Western Australia. SBS, Saturday, April 26, 4pm.

The Madrid Connection — Examines the televised trial of twenty-nine defendants accused of the Madrid bombings of March 11, 2004. SBS, Monday, April 28, 1.30pm.

Taking on the Taliban — British forces in Afghanistan have been involved in the most ferocious fire-fights since the Korean War, with more than 50 British soldiers killed. SBS, Tuesday, April 29, 8.30pm.

Bearing Witness — Chronicles five women journalists covering the war in Iraq and other perilous assignments. SBS, Tuesday, April 29, 10pm.

Living Black — Indigenous news and current affairs program. SBS, Wednesday, April 30, 6pm.