On the box


Message Stick: Pride of the League — A look into the Rabbitohs football club's Indigenous heritage through the use of the "black" rabbit for away games. ABC, Sunday, March 25, 1.30pm.

Kidnapped by the CIA — Examines the illegal kidnapping of European citizens by the CIA, and their detention and even torture on foreign soil in the name of the "war on terror". SBS, Monday, March 26, 1.30pm.

Talking Heads: Peter Cundall — Peter Cundall is known for his gardening television program, but did you know of his progressive political past? ABC, Monday, March 26, 6.30pm.

Cutting Edge: Kill The Messenger — Reveals how a foreign spy ring with links to al Qaeda has been discovered working within the FBI. SBS, Tuesday, March 27, 8.30pm.

Land of the Morning Star — Reveals the turbulent history of a troubled country swept up in the power play of international politics, the extraordinary western island of New Guinea. ABC, Tuesday, March 27, 11.35pm.

Living Black — Indigenous news and current affairs program. SBS, Wednesday, March 28, 6pm.

The Chaser's War on Everything — Australian political satire. ABC, Wednesday, March 28, 9pm.

Class: Moving Up — Pria Viswalingham ponders the future of class in today's Australia. SBS, Thursday, March 29, 1.40am.