On the box


Actively Radical TV — Sydney community television's progressive current affairs producers tackle the hard issues from the activist's point of view. CTS Sydney (UHF 31), every Sunday, 9-11pm. Ph 9565 5522.

Access News — Melbourne community TV, Channel 31, has excellent coverage of industrial, environmental and community actions throughout Victoria. Access News broadcasts every Monday at 8pm. Ph 9633 6976.

Dateline — West Papua: Civil Resistance — Reporter Matthew Carney goes undercover to meet the West Papuan resistance movement. SBS, Wednesday, February 23, 8.30pm.

Pink Triangle — Nazi persecution of gays is revealed in this documentary. Five survivors tell their stories. ABC-TV, Wednesday, February 23, 10.55pm.

Pride Divide — How can gay men and lesbians act like a community when much of the time they want to fight each other? Film-makers Karen Kiss and Paris Poirier examine, with humour and frankness, sexism in the gay and lesbian movement. SBS, Friday, February 25, 8.30pm.

Unfinished Business — Joe Seremane, a former leader of the ANC and the South African Council of Churches, and Robben Island inmate, questions his faith after his brother is killed in detention. ABC-TV, Sunday, February 27, 11.40pm.

The Awful Truth: Teen Sniper School — Mike Moore establishes the Teen Sniper School to help US children become better shots; "Adolph Hitler" is sent to Switzerland to withdraw the money the Nazis took from Jews during WWII and deposited in Swiss banks; and, after discovering that CNN mogul Ted Turner is the largest landowner in the US, Moore decides it should be declared an independent country — Turdonia — and attempts to have it admitted to the United Nations. SBS, Tuesday, February 29, 8pm.

Movie: The Heart Within (1957) — An old British flick that might be worth setting the video for. A Cockney kid tries to protect a West Indian friend falsely implicated in a murder. ABC-TV, Thursday, March 2, 1.50am.

Neneh Cherry — Cherry forged a ground-breaking blend of pop, dance and hip-hop styles in the late-1980s and early 1990s, but found that the music industry soon pigeonholed her as a "dance diva". Instead of kneeling before the industry power-brokers, she chose to stick to her musical principles and withdraw from the "star system". This program shows that Cherry is still breaking new musical ground and that's why she is no longer a household word. SBS, Thursday, March 2, 7.30pm.

Studio 22: Ani DiFranco — Famous for bucking the corporate music industry and espousing progressive views in her songs. Recorded live in the studio. ABC-TV, Thursday, March 2, 10.55pm.