Australian musos release album for marriage equality

Jimmy Barnes

#SayYesToLove Volume 1
Featuring Jimmy Barnes, John Butler Trio, Josh Pyke & many more
$16.99 via iTunes
All proceeds to Australian Marriage Equality

A group of prominent Australian musicians have joined forces to support the campaign for marriage equality, said.

Twenty-one acts have combined to launch the compilation album #SayYesToLove Volume 1 on July 17, with all proceeds going to Australian Marriage Equality's campaign.

Songs have been donated by popular acts such as Jimmy Barnes, John Butler Trio, Wes Carr, Katie Noonan’s Vanguard, The Basics, Josh Pyke, L-FRESH THE LION, Joe Camilleri, Darren Percival, The Cat Empire and The Black Sorrows.

Barnes — who recently made headlines by demanding the far right Reclaim Australia movement stop playing his songs at their racist rallies — said of his support for marriage equality: “This is about basic human rights. No one has the right to tell someone who they can love, or how they can express their love.

“Love is about caring for, and sharing your life with the one you love, and if the act of marriage helps to make that connection stronger in the eyes of the people sharing that life or in the eyes of the law then they should be encouraged, it should not be made more difficult.”

Campaign director for Australian Marriage Equality Ivan Hinton-Teoh said, “Every day, Australians are finding new and innovative ways to get behind the marriage equality campaign. I am delighted to be part of #SayYesToLove and I hope it inspires more to find their voice to champion for equality.”

Musicians who wish to support #SayYesToLove are encouraged to submit their own recording for further releases, by sending a .wav file of their song and the full lyrics to

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