Anti-war movement spreads north



SYDNEY — Anger in the northern suburbs is rising against the federal
government's support for a US war on Iraq. Anti-war film screenings and
protest meetings are attracting large crowds.

On January 22, a Chatswood screening of Berkeley in the '60s,
organised by the Northside NOWAR group, was attended by 40 people. The
film highlighted how mass opposition to the Vietnam War forced the US government
to end its involvement.

Socialist Alliance NSW upper house candidate and Northside NOWAR activist
Angela Budai called for peaceful mass mobilisations to force the government
to end its support for the war in Iraq. “We need to encourage as many people
as possible to attend the February 16 'Walk against the war' rally”, Budai

Seventy people attended the January 29 public meeting at the Manly library
to protest the erosion of civil liberties in the name of fighting terrorism.
The meeting was organised by the Northside branch of the Socialist Alliance.
Speakers included: Dale Mills from the Legal Observers Project; Gabr Elgafi,
chair of the Supreme Islamic Council; Angela Budai; Sylvia Hale, NSW Greens
upper house candidate; and Tony Howells from the Australian Democrats.

Fifty people attended the Manly Peace Picnic on February 2, organised
by Northside Socialist Alliance. Speakers included Northside NOWAR and
Socialist Alliance members Anne Picot and Angela Budai, as well as local
Greens candidate Keelah Lumm.

Northside Socialist Alliance is screening the British anti-war documentary
Not in Our Name on Wednesday, February 12, 7pm, at the Doherty Community
Centre, Victor Street, Chatswood, and on Saturday, February 15, 4pm, at
the Manly Library, Market Place, Manly. For bookings phone John on 0413
310 452, Anne on 0404 090 710 or Michael on 9981 2349.

From Green Left Weekly, February 12, 2003.

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