ALP likely to govern ACT



CANBERRA — The Labor Party is likely to form a minority government in the ACT following the October 20 election. The ALP polled 42% of the vote while the polled Liberals 31%.

The ALP gained a massive swing of 14.1% on the 1998 ACT election. The swing against the Liberals was 6.6%. There was also a significant swing against sitting independent MPs. The Democrats increased their vote by 2.2%, while the Greens' vote only rose by 0.2%.

The make-up of the 17 seat Legislative Assembly looks like being seven Labor, six or seven Liberals and with the Democrats, who polled 8%, and the Greens, who won 9% of the vote, holding the balance of power. A final result may not be known for up to two weeks due to the ACT's Hare-Clark electoral system.

The Greens have stated they will not support a Liberal government. The Democrats, however, have refused to say who they will support for chief minister, prompting Liberal leader Gary Humphries to throw his hat in the ring late on election night.