ALP blocks Palestine solidarity

Greens councillor Linda Eisler moved a motion titled Support for Palestinian Territories at a Canterbury council meeting on February 26.

The motion called on the Rudd government to condemn Israel's airstrikes against civilians, request an international independent investigation into Israel's alleged war crimes and demand Israel lift the blockade of Gaza.

The motion went to great lengths to court the ALP-controlled council, condemning "all violence" and even commending the Rudd government's "courageous departure from the Howard government's policy [on Palestine]" at the UN last November.

The motion was condemned as "too political" by ALP councillors and received no seconder, and therefore was not even voted upon.

An alternative motion moved by the ALP was passed. It offered $5000 in aid and council facilities free of charge to local groups fundraising for Gaza but made no demands on the Australian or Israeli governments.