Aid for Nicaragua


Aid for Nicaragua

By Pip Hinman

Non-governmental organisations in Australia are joining the international relief effort for Nicaragua after tidal waves triggered by an earthquake devastated 340 kilometers of the country's Pacific coast on September 2.

Silvia Stefanoni, a spokesperson for Community Aid Abroad and Freedom From Hunger, told Green Left that US$10,000 from a special disaster response fund would be sent to the Augusto Cesar Sandino Foundation (FACS) the key developmental assistance umbrella organisation.

A report from FACS states that the people most affected by the disaster are "inhabitants of small poor communities who live from diverse subsistence activities. Their houses, located beside the sea, were almost entirely destroyed. These people have lost their livelihoods, poor peasants who grow basic grains for their own consumption in marginal areas, and fisherpeople who have lost their fishing equipment, boats, storage sheds and warehouses. Their already extreme poverty has been exacerbated."

Stefanoni said the NGOs had approached AIDAB for help but without very much positive response.

Those who want to send money to the earthquake victims, please contact CAA/FFH on (03) 289 9444.