Activists hang from Canberra's Black Mountain Tower in forest protest

Climate action group No Planet B released the statement below on February 15.

* * *

Two people and a banner are suspended from the side of Black Mountain Tower in Canberra as part of a global day of action for Tasmania’s native forests threatened by logging giant Ta Ann.

The action, inspired by Miranda Gibson’s 65-day tree-top protest in Tasmania, is one of over forty protests on four continents urging companies to stop buying from Ta Ann, which now drives the native forest logging of Tasmania since Gunns’ fall from grace. Wholesale clear-felling has sharply increased in high conservation value forests
promised protection by Julia Gillard and Lara Giddings.

“Tasmania’s iconic forests are essential carbon sinks and stand as a beacon of hope to future generations around the globe,” said spokesperson Jonathan Moylan.

“Why do politicians claim they are protecting high conservation value
forests when their destruction is more intense than planned?”

“From Canberra to Wollongong, from Japan to Europe, the international community is today sending a clear message to the corporate customers of Ta Ann that Tasmania's world class forests need urgent protection,” said Still Wild Still Threatened spokesperson Gibson from her 60m-high tree platform.

Tens of millions of taxpayer money has been poured into the shamefully unprofitable logging industry in Tasmania as part of a “logging exit strategy” despite the fact that logging in areas promised protection has increased and no forest areas directly threatened by logging are being protected.

The banner reads “Stop Logging Tassie Forests.”


Awesome!!!! My thoughts are with you.