Activist groups square off in Queensland


Activist groups square off in Queensland

By Andy Gianniotis

BRISBANE — The National Union of Students Queensland (NUSQ) education committee, at its first meeting last week, overturned decisions made by the Cross-campus Anti-VSU Collective (CAC).

CAC was set up in response to NUSQ's decision to restrict democratic control of the education campaign to those bureaucrats who were elected to the education committee at the NUSQ state conference. CAC aimed to allow anyone who wished to campaign against VSU an equal say in how the campaign was run.

Kath Hart, member of the six-person NUSQ education committee, said she would "not be held to ransom" by CAC. A motion was passed by the committee to change the focus of the March 31 state day of action against VSU.

It was planned that the march go to Waterfront Place, where links could be made between the fight against VSU and last year's Maritime Union of Australia struggle for trade union rights. The rally will now march to Parliament House, where MPs will pass a motion of "support for student unions" and come out onto the balcony.

"This decision rides roughshod over the democratic control of the campaign and shows how NUS bureaucrats use their command of funding to impose their will upon activists", said Peter Robson, a Resistance activist and education committee member.

CAC meets every Tuesday at 6pm at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. Phone Ruth or Peter on 3254 0565.