Action updates


FREMANTLE — North Fremantle residents appear to have scored a victory over Caltex Oil. The multinational announced on July 29 that it had shelved plans to build four fuel storage "supertanks". Caltex cited delays in obtaining development approval and deteriorating economic conditions as the reason, bit it was a grassroots protest movement that put paid to Caltex's plans. In a 2




55D> year struggle spearheaded by the North Fremantle Community Association, local residents campaigned hard against the oil giant. At the end only Premier Carmen Lawrence and her supported Caltex's proposals.

MELBOURNE — About 100 East Timorese, their supporters and campaigners for human rights in Indonesia gathered outside the Arts Centre on July 31 to protest at a visit by Paul Keating and the Indonesian ambassador, Sabam Siagian. Several speakers condemned the Australian government's role in supporting the takeover of East Timor.

SYDNEY — About 50 people attended a picket outside the US consulate on July 25 against the economic blockade of Cuba. Chaired by Peggy Trompf of the Cuba Solidarity Committee, the picket was addressed by telecommunications union representative Colin Cooper, the Anti-Bases Coalition's Dennis Doherty, and Australia's "poet lorikeet", Denis Kevans.