Action updates


Action updates

Anti-Howard protest

SYDNEY — One hundred protesters converged on Prime Minister John Howard's electoral office at Gladesville on July 19 to protest his government's attacks on workers, students, pensioners and the unemployed.

Organised by the Combined Pensioners and Superannuants Association of NSW and the Peoples' Protest Coordination Alliance, the protest was addressed by Dr Con Costa from the Doctors Reform Society and speakers from the Rail, Bus and Tram Employees Union and the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union.

Protest signs pointed out which services have been axed or slashed. Socialist Alliance "Axe the GST" signs were popular with passing motorists.

Vigil protests Sri Lankan high commissioner

MELBOURNE — Human rights supporters are holding a vigil every Friday at 5.30pm outside Victoria's Parliament House in protest at the Australian government's acceptance of the new Sri Lankan high commissioner, retired Major-General Janaka Perera.

Perera has been accused of atrocities against both Sinhalese youth in the south of Sri Lanka and the Tamil population of the Jaffna peninsula in the north of the island.

Vigil participants told Green Left Weekly that many Australian residents of Sri Lankan origin would be reluctant to visit the embassy, knowing it is run by an alleged mass murderer.

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