350 new subscriptions: an investment in people's power


Green Left Weekly is launching a campaign for an extra 350 subscriptions before the end of 2008. Every new subscription helps build a people-powered movement for change and you can help us!

While the international financial and global warming crises are plain to see, not everybody recognises that there is a practical, socialist alternative to the status quo. The corporations and the politicians who do their bidding advocate "solutions" that keep the big money in pin-striped pockets and all the real power with the corporate elite.

There is nothing that prime ministers and corporate executives want more than for ordinary people to feel in their bones that "there is no alternative".

There is nothing GLW wants more than to expose that lie. That's why we report every week on the efforts people are making, locally and internationally, to win a better world.

We support the campaign to drop charges against Noel Washington and abolish the Australian Building and Construction Commission. We support the campaign to treat the climate emergency as a climate emergency by urgently replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy and massively expanding public transport. We support the campaigns for abortion rights, for public ownership of power utilities and for Aboriginal control of Aboriginal affairs. And many more campaigns besides.

GLW is a people-powered media source to support people power campaigns.

That's why we want to expand our subscription base. And that's why we want you to support us by:

* subscribing to the paper if you're not already a subscriber;

* giving gift subscriptions and/or selling subscriptions to your friends and family members;

* make sure your local library, your trade union and your local environment group has a subscription;

* join a GLW campaigning stall (check phone numbers below) and

* take a bundle of back issues to letterbox in your neighbourhood.

To help us reach this target, contact your nearest Resistance Centre, or call 1800 634 206.