Up to 12% for Greens


Up to 12% for Greens

Green Alliance candidates averaged about 6.6% in the state election. At the close of counting on Saturday night, the best result was for Bruce Welch, who won about 12.5% in the inner-western Sydney seat of Marrickville.

Other results were: 8% for Carole Medcalfe in Bulli, 4.3% for Bruce Threlfo in Drummoyne, 7.2% for Mark Berriman in Heffron, 4.6% for Joy Wallace in Lismore, 6.9% for Hall Greenland in Port Jackson, 4.8% for Geoff Ash in Vaucluse, and 5.2% for Steve Brigham in Wollongong. Only the Lismore result benefited from a donkey vote.

In early counting for the upper house, the Green team of Ian Cohen and David Nerlich was attracting about 3% of the vote.

In seven of the eight seats they contested, the Greens outpolled the Democrats, who averaged about 4% in those seats.

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