Join Socialist Alliance for end of year celebration

Live Music
Tasty Food and drinks

Clarrie Wohler's Centre, 51 Albert St, East Brunswick (next to Fleming Park)

$15/$10 (included music and meal).

Friday, November 14-Sunday, November 16

Kino Cinemas, Collins St, City. To book visit Kino Cinemas.

Brings together collective minds in academia, professions & communities to find solutions.

Mark Rose (Deakin University)
Richard Broome (Lecturer in History, La Trobe University),
Alan Brown (chairman Victorian Aboriginal Health Service),
Geoff Clarke (ex-chairman ATSIC), and others.

Topics covered include:
teaching of sovereignty and Aboriginal law;
discussions on sovereignty, genocide, and treaty;
Australia's black history;
the historical civil rights movement and its application today;
the Aboriginal movement today;

WikiLeaks (the rise, the backlash, the perilous fate of its Australian founder, Julian Assange) is one of the biggest news stories of the new millennium. The conversations about WikiLeaks and Assange are about so much more than the organisation and the individual behind it: they encompass freedom of speech (and the press), whistleblower protection, government transparency and raise fundamental questions about the underlying tenets of our democracy and civil rights. Presented in partnership with WACA (WikiLeaks Australian Citizen's Alliance).

The military government of Fiji has begun a crackdown on the right of union members to assemble.

This rally is part of an international day of action in support of Fijian unionists.

State Library, Swanston St, City.

Saturday, February 23

WACA is holding a public meeting in Melbourne for those who wish to be involved in our campaign for 2013. This year will be huge as we defend Wikileaks and aim to see Julian Assange Free. 2013 is also an election year and there will be plenty to do with the launch of the Wikileaks Party and Julian Assange running for Senate. Come along and find out how you can help. 6pm. Trades Hall, 54 Victoria St, Carlton South (meet in foyer).

Santiago Arias is the Technical Director of Torresol Energy which constructed the 19.9MW Gemasolar plant in Seville, Spain. Gemasolar is the world's first plant to apply the salt thermal-storage system in a configuration with a central tower and an array of heliostats. Gemasolar reached 24 hours of uninterrupted production in June 2011. This is the baseload concentrated solar power technology modelled by the Zero Carbon Australia 2020 Stationary Energy Plan to supply 60% of Australia's stationary energy requirements. Arias will join us via Skype.

19 pro-Palestine activists on trial for civil disobedience. Stop Bailleau's criminalisation of dissent.

Outside Magistrates Court, 233 William St, City. Organised by Students for Palestine.

Thursday, December 10

5:30pm. City Square. Organised by Refugee Action Collective.


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