It has been four years since Kevin Rudd announced people seeking safety in Australia by boat would never be able to rebuild their lives here.

Join us at the Imperial Hotel to plan for 30th August.

At Curtis Park, 75 Faulkner St, Armidale NSW 2350.

Fishing in very troubled waters, the US administration, in February 2014, succeeded in engineering a coup in Kiev which overthrew the democratically elected, Russia-oriented government of Victor Yanukovich, triggering a civil war in Ukraine which is still ongoing. In this talk, Alfons van der Kraan will provide some historical background to these tragic events. Among other things, he will focus attention on the relationship between Russia and Ukraine in Tsarist times; on Ukraine during the revolution and civil war of 1917-21; and on Ukraine during the 1930s and WWII.

At Kent house, 142 Faulkner Street, Arrmidale, community dinner from 7:30pm.

This 2014 documentary by Andrew Rossi examines the factors threatening to bring down America’s once highly envied higher education system.

One commentator claims that the decline of American higher education started in the 1970s when students had the rug pulled from under them by the shift in policy ‘from seeing education as a public good to seeing it exclusively as a private good’.

As concerned humanity mobilises across the globe for workable solutions on climate change, Socialist Alliance New England (SANE) has organised a weekend of workshops on 28th and 29th November.

SANE, over three workshops, will reappraise socialism as our species faces its greatest collective threat in history.

Branch meeting to elect branch officers and discuss plans for future activities.

This monthly event at the Armidale Club, 91 Beardy Street, will encourage locals to engage in political discussion over a quiet beverage. This month we have invited three politically impassioned locals to share their thoughts over the nation-wide 'March in March' rallies.

This film is Ken Loach’s call to arms in the current class warfare being waged from above.

Socialist Alliance New England branch meeting at UNE in the Arts Tutorial Room 51 (Tapp Room, E11_G51, to be confirmed).


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