Women In Black is an international women’s peace network which was started by Israeli and Palestinian women in 1988, and has spread to many countries. We are silent because mere words cannot express the tragedy that wars and hatred bring.

Our silence is visible. We invite women to stand with us. We wear black as a symbol of sorrow for all victims of war, for the destruction of people, nature and the fabric of life.

and meet Socialist Alliance New England (SANE) at the UNE court yard.

Determined that his final resting place will benefit the earth, musician, psychiatrist, and folk dancer Clark Wang prepares for his own green burial. From 6pm at Kent House, 142 Faulkner Street, Armidale, followed by community dinner from 7:30pm. Entry free, donations welcome.

Organised by ARAR following Women in Black’s Vigil for Peace (last Saturday of each month, 10.30- 11.00 am, outside the Old Court House), then Walk through Mall to Centro with signs and banners.

Aboriginal activist and writer Ken Canning heads the Socialist Alliance NSW Senate ticket in the coming federal election. Ken will speak on the issues he stands for at Kent House (141 Faulkner St, Armidale) on Wednesday, 22nd June, 2016 at 7pm. Everyone is welcome to hear Ken and discuss the issues with him. Food will be available afterwards

Uniting for better governance - share your concerns and vision for a different Australia. Organising meetings Wednesdays at 6pm at the Armidale Club.

This film is an important reminder of the lies and manipulation the United States and their allies use to discredit anyone who dares to state publicly that “trickle down” is in fact “gush up” and that there is an alternative to the destructive capitalist system.

Hugo Chávez said so and acted on it. The empire is keen to strike back and reverse any gains already made on the road to a just society based on solidarity and cooperation. As usual, the main stream media are complicit in spreading misrepresentations or outright lies — then and now.

Forum and discussion on the politics of climate change at Kent House, Faulkner Street, opposite Central Park. Join us for a shared meal from 7:30pm.

On the usual date of the monthly forum of Sustainable Living Armidale, this special forum will start earlier and will be held at another place, follow the link for details.

Join the campaign to protect the Leard and Pilliga Forests, Gloucester and our own region from irresponsible mining. Imperial Hotel, 105 Faulkner Street, Armidale.


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