Videos: Latin American feminists perform 'The rapist is you' at IWD marches

Contingents of Latin American women staged protests at International Women's Day events around Australia.

Organised by Latinxs Feministas en Melbourne on March 5 and DecoFem Collective in Sydney on March 7,  they performed the feminist anthem "The rapist is you" that was first sung at protests in Chile and has since gone viral, being performed by women around the world.

The words to the song are:

Patriarchy is a judge who judges us for being born
and our punishment is the violence you don’t see.
It’s femicide, impunity for my murderer,
it’s disappearance, it’s rape.
And it wasn’t my fault, where I was, or how I dressed.
The rapist is you, the rapist is you.
It’s the police, the judges, the state, the president.
The oppressive state is a macho rapist.

Videos: Martín Arias (Melbourne) and Zebedee Parkes (Sydney).