Alongside Saturday’s famous free Waterloo sausage sizzle, we will show 90 minutes of short films about battles for green spaces and the environment, gender and social justice short films. Highlights shared from the first Love, Art and Revolution Film Festival, which was held in Gadi/Sydney in April 2023.

First Nations resistance, the militant class struggle events, women and queer organising, public housing battles and the Green Bans. All the people's history excluded from the annals of public memory because they challenge the order of colonial, then capitalist, governments.

The Giants is an incredible film on the life, activism and political career of Bob Brown. Whilst looking backwards at a career that spans the Franklin River campaign, the formation of the Australian Greens, the Tarkine campaign and a remarkable political career as a Senator, it also explores the hidden life of threatened trees.

Meet us at Geelong Trades Hall at 4pm on Saturday 18th February to take part in a Radical History Walking Tour of union and social justice struggle at a number of different sites in the Geelong CBD.

book cover

Bill Nevins reviews Fintan O’Toole's 2022 book, We Don’t Know Ourselves: A Personal History of Modern Ireland.

Book covers

Water, farming, nuclear tests, copper mining, new biology, and sugar. Climate and Capitalism editor Ian Angus presents six books to help understand and change the world.

Protesters called for solutions to the housing crisis in a rally organised by the National Union of Students, Get A Room and the NSW Greens. Jim McIlroy reports.


The Kurdish community and supporters gathered at New South Wales Parliament to mark 100 years of the Treaty of Lausanne. Isaac Nellist reports.

Paradise Bombed

International scrutiny of Indonesia's brutal occupation of West Papua was given a boost with the release of the documentary Paradise Bombed, which details Indonesia’s military occupation of West Papua and its 2021 bombing of Kiwirok and surrounding remote mountain villages, reports Leo Earle.

atomic bomb

The new blockbuster film Oppenheimer has raised complex questions on the nature of the society that permitted such bombs to be developed and used and the stockpiling of nuclear arsenals that can destroy the world many times over, writes Prabir Purkayastha.

Saroj Dutta commemoration

Members of the All India Students Association and the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) — Liberation gathered in central Kolkata on August 5 to mark 52 years since one of the party's founders, Saroj Dutta, was murdered, report Isaac Nellist, Jacob Andrewartha and Chloe DS.

Shon Faye The Transgender Issue

Alex Salmon reviews Shon Faye’s debut book, The Transgender Issue: An Argument for Justice.

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