Young women and the media
SYDNEY — Newtown Neighbourhood Centre is running an arts project for young women on how the mass media (mis)represents them, affecting body image and cultural expectations. Participants will explore realistic and

Sincerity rules OK
"[Bill] Clinton is the first president in American history who has perfected the art of crying out of one eye." — Haley Barbour, US Republican Party chairperson, lamenting the fact that Clinton is a better actor than Ronald

Claude is one of the many thousands of Telecom workers who took separation packages in 1993 as the telecommunications giant downsized. He says it was a voluntary choice in a way, "But if you don't jump, they push you".
Management decided how many

By Peter Montague
There are about 630 different "active ingredients" in pesticides worldwide. In real-world use, these main ingredients are combined with other chemicals (called "inert ingredients") to make several thousand toxic formulations —

By Bill Mason
BRISBANE — The Queensland government faces a possible $1 billion loss in anticipated income from a bank merger deal aimed at creating a large Queensland-based private bank, according to state financial sources. The new bank would

By Rebecca Winters
The atmosphere inside the room is tense. One candle throws a hazy glow upon the walls and the faces of three standing men, a woman sitting on a chair and four children sitting in front of me. The men are visibly nervous, speaking

Nader ballot progress
WASHINGT0N, DC — Supporters of Ralph Nader for US president have now secured his place on the November ballot in nine states. Conventions in California and Washington state plus Utah's completion of the statutory petition

Mass meetings of Telstra workers around the country on July 17 sent a message to the Howard government that they oppose the part privatisation of Telstra and are prepared to take further industrial action to fight for their jobs. From Brisbane, Karen

Desperadoes FlamingoBy Joseph O'ConnorHarper-Collins, 1995, 426 pp., $14.95Reviewed by Tony Smith An indisputable sign of special talent in a writer is the ability to juggle several complex themes simultaneously. On those grounds alone, Desperadoes

and ain't i a woman: Jobs for the girls
Living Generously: Women Mentoring Women, edited by Jocelynne Scutt, is a new book in which "mentoring" is said to have replaced "networking" as a means of getting ahead. Mentoring is where women who have


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