GLW issue 239, published 1996-07-24.

Wollongong Resistance builds fight against Howard

By Nikki Ulasowski
WOLLONGONG — Resistance activists from Wollongong have returned from the Resistance national conference, held in Melbourne July 5-7, with renewed energy and enthusiasm for building campaigns against the Howard government's

The day that launched the Cuban Revolution

By Jill Hickson
July 26 is the 43rd anniversary of the attack on the Moncada Barracks by a small group of badly armed young Cuban revolutionaries, an attack which failed in its immediate aim but which is considered the day that launched the

Borbidge slams CRA over native title backdown

By Bill Mason
BRISBANE — Queensland Premier Rob Borbidge has attacked Century Zinc and its parent corporation RTZ-CRA, after the company reversed its support for state and federal legislation to override native title in order to secure land for

Illegal poisons in US food

By Peter Montague
There are about 630 different "active ingredients" in pesticides worldwide. In real-world use, these main ingredients are combined with other chemicals (called "inert ingredients") to make several thousand toxic formulations —

Telstra workers fight for their jobs

Mass meetings of Telstra workers around the country on July 17 sent a message to the Howard government that they oppose the part privatisation of Telstra and are prepared to take further industrial action to fight for their jobs. From Brisbane, Karen

Villagers protest against environmental damage

By Norm Dixon
Villagers downstream from Porgera gold mine in PNG are to seek compensation for environmental damage and loss of life caused by the dumping of mine tailings into the Strickland River. The villagers, members of the Kulini Strickland

Howard steps up environmental blackmail

By Lisa Macdonald
The illusions of many environmentalists, including some key leaders of the peak environment groups, that the Liberal and National parties' pre-election rhetoric indicated a greener, environmentally more conscious and responsive

Secondary students unite with teachers

By Natalie Woodlock
HOBART — On July 8, industrial action by the Australian Education Union over a 6.86% pay claim affected around 10% of schools here. The campaign aims to maintain the quality of education and a decent standard of living for

Howard attacks student unions

By Marina Cameron
On July 8, Howard announced plans to cut funding provided by the previous government to universities in Victoria, WA and Tasmania when Voluntary Student Unionism (VSU) legislation is introduced by state Liberal governments. There

ALP betrays Albert Park campaign

By Ben Reid and Jeremy Smith
MELBOURNE — On July 14, members of Save Albert Park held a demonstration to highlight the lies and broken promises of the Victorian government and the Australian Grand Prix Corporation (AGPC) over the extent of

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