By Doug Lorimer
Since the early 1970s, the world capitalist system has been in a long economic downturn, a period of decelerating economic growth tending toward stagnation. Since 1975, in contrast to the preceding 30 years, the downturns in the

By Jessica Needle
When people speak of the role of youth in the struggle against oppression, they usually think of university students. High school students are seen by many as children, too young to be politicised, too young to have their own

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Voluntary redundancy is the soft option for employers, but not for workers. In a work-based society, people even younger than 45 years are being placed on the scrap heap. The difference from past sackings is that workers are paid to sack themselves.

By Jo Williams and Tully Bates
MELBOURNE — Fifty angry supporters of the campaign against cuts to apprentice and trainee wages picketed Peter Reith's luncheon with big business at the Grand Hyatt on July 18. The picket, initiated by Resistance,

By Mike Leach
As the international gathering "against neo-liberalism and for humanity" called by the Zapatistas (EZLN) convenes in Chiapas, the primary issue of land distribution remains as the unresolved focal point of resistance to Mexico's

Anti-social restructuring
The cold-blooded planned closure of 26 CES offices (to begin with, that is) by the dominant elites within the Liberal Party and our senior public servants must surely serve as a final indicator to the one-and-a-half

Birzeit University web site (http://www.birzeit.edu/) — Birzeit University, in the West Bank, has a long history of involvement with struggle of the Palestinian people. Birzeit University is known worldwide for its commitment to the principles of

By Lisa Macdonald
On July 5, Michael Anthony Blackman was found hanging in the hospital ward at Lotus Glen Prison in Mareeba, Queensland. He was 26 years old. Blackman's death mirrors the circumstances surrounding the death by hanging two days

On August 10, the Democratic Socialist Party and Resistance in Brisbane will hold their annual Green Left Weekly dinner. This year, however, it will be bigger and better than usual, for it will mark 10 years since the opening of the new Resistance


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