By Paul Oboohov
At its July 23 round of mass meetings, called to consider a motion for a 24-hour strike on July 25, CPSU members will face a crucial choice: are they to develop a genuine campaign against the Howard government's cuts, or are they to

By Norm Dixon
Police fired tear gas and several rounds of live ammunition at protesting students in Port Moresby on June 29. Several students were injured when hit by buckshot or tear-gas canisters or trampled in the ensuing panic as police

By Norm Dixon
Following the South African government's June 14 economic policy statement, a key component of which was the call for "wage moderation", ANC labour minister Tito Mboweni has endorsed a proposal for an "Accord for Employment and

By Natalie Woodlock
HOBART — On July 8, industrial action by the Australian Education Union over a 6.86% pay claim affected around 10% of schools here. The campaign aims to maintain the quality of education and a decent standard of living for


'... they would hold their little hands through the wire ...'
"... they would hold their
little hands through the wire
and tell them who they were,
who their mothers were,
where they'd come from ..."
bin ends of a language
dusty resting

Hemp, the Illicit MusicalDispensary Cafe, Enmore (Sydney)Uuntil August 10Reviewed by Brendan Doyle The Dispensary Cafe is one of those rare venues in Sydney where you can sit at a table with friends, imbibe a wine and enjoy a range of entertainment,

The need to forgive
By Brandon Astor Jones
"We are not taking about a few months of indiscriminate law breaking. Slavery in America involved centuries of every manner of murder, rape, torture and evil one can imagine — being foisted up an

By Marina Cameron
On July 8, Howard announced plans to cut funding provided by the previous government to universities in Victoria, WA and Tasmania when Voluntary Student Unionism (VSU) legislation is introduced by state Liberal governments. There

By Ben Reid and Jeremy Smith
MELBOURNE — On July 14, members of Save Albert Park held a demonstration to highlight the lies and broken promises of the Victorian government and the Australian Grand Prix Corporation (AGPC) over the extent of

By Sally Mitchell
DARWIN — In April, the Warumpi Band played one Friday night at the Driveway Hotel. A big crowd of black and white fans were singing and shouting all of the lyrics to songs like "Fitzroy Crossing", "Black Fella White Fella"


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