Reclaim the Night is an annual protest calling for an end to sexual assault and violence against women (trans and cis).

Join us for a night of action as we take to the streets
All supporters welcome

Alongside Saturday’s famous free Waterloo sausage sizzle, we will show 90 minutes of short films about battles for green spaces and the environment, gender and social justice short films. Highlights shared from the first Love, Art and Revolution Film Festival, which was held in Gadi/Sydney in April 2023.

An hour of social justice short films from the inaugural Love, Art and Revolution Film Festival, which was held in Gadi/Sydney in April.

All over the world women are not safe. Women are not equal. Women are not respected. We will not be silent! Join us as we march through Melbourne for the International Women's Day rally.

Find out about Sydney's feminist history: the women, queers and militant class struggle events excluded from the official annals because they challenge mainstream patriarchal accounts.

Spread the word–this year’s International Women’s Day rally will take place Friday, 8 March 2019 at 5:30pm at the State Library on Swanston Street.

Public meeting and eyewitness report on fighting for women's rights in Pakistan. Featuring guest speaker Sonia Qadar who is a member of the Awami Workers Party, a human rights lawyer and is involved in feminist struggles in Pakistan.

Activists joined members of the Indian Diaspora outside Victorian Parliament to show solidarity with the indigenous Kuki-Zo minority, who are being targeted by Hindu extremist organisations in Manipur. Jordan AK reports.

An interfaith gathering with the women of Manipur called on governments to investigate Hindu extremist organisations in Australia which have been accused of fuelling hate crimes in India. Peter Boyle reports.


Barbie doll

The brilliance of Barbie is its confrontation of patriarchy and power, writes Christine Hepsie.

Sinead O'Connor

The world lost a powerful force for justice on July 28, when poet, activist, singer and inspiration to millions, Sinéad O’Connor died at 56, writes Leo Earle.

Shon Faye The Transgender Issue

Alex Salmon reviews Shon Faye’s debut book, The Transgender Issue: An Argument for Justice.

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