The Nakba (Al-Nakba, The Catastrophe)

One hundred and fifty academics have sent an open letter to Labor urging it to acknowledge Israel’s genocide, the slaughter in the West Bank and to support the International Court of Justice the International Criminal Court. Paul Gregoire reports.

Palestine Solidarity Conference, Naarm/Melbourne, May 12

The second Palestine Solidarity Conference organised by the Australia Palestine Advocacy Network attracted more than 250 people. Alex Bainbridge reports.

Speakers at pro-Palestine rallies around the country, on Nakba Day (“Catastrophe” in Arabic) and the weekend, congratulated students for standing with Palestine against genocide.

On the 76th anniversary of the Nakba (“Catastrophe” in Arabic) on May 15, larger-than-usual pro-Palestine protests were organised in many cities across Australia.

Muhammad Khaled Abu Mahmoud, a former President of the General Union of Palestinian Engineers, Australia branch, and a survivor of the Nakba, gave this speech to the Nakba protest.

Because Mazin Qumsiyeh's homeland has been occupied for 75 years, it is inevitable that colonisation’s impact has been a central theme of his research. Cas Smith reports on his lecture at Boorloo/Perth State Library.

Nasser Mashni

It is rank hypocrisy to deny Palestinian freedom fighter Leila Khaled a visa or a platform to speak, while Labor is going visas to former Israeli army people wanted for war crimes. Peter Boyle reports.

Protest for Palestine in Gadigal/Sydney. Photo: Peter Boyle

Morality and justice are not determined by body counts but a fraction of history shows Israel as a militarised, apartheid state which cultivates violent racism towards another people, argues Stuart Rees.

protest sign

Gilbert Achcar argues that Israel's crimes against humanity committed in its genocidal war on Gaza exceed even those committed during the Nakba (Catastrophe) in 1948.

Rihab Charida told a Nakba event about her work in Lebanon in the Palestinian refugee camps recording the stories of her elders, at risk of being lost forever.

Episode 8: Green Left journalists Ben Radford and Isaac Nellist take you through the latest news from Australia and around the world.

Thousands came out across Australia to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Al Nakba (the catastrophe) in 1948 and call for justice.