NZ Greens endorse Alliance AUCKLAND — Green Party delegates voted by a large majority to formally join the third-party Alliance at a national conference in the city of Nelson. The May 10 vote was 54-11, more than the 75% majority required
Polish doctors restrict abortions By Iwona Knothe WARSAW — A controversial doctors' code of ethics prohibiting most abortions went into effect on May 2, despite warnings that it could increase the death rate among women and that it violates
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — An important breakthrough, it seemed, was about to occur in the fight to defend Russian workers. On May 1, the back-to-Brezhnev Trudovaya Rossiya ("Toiling Russia") bloc was not the only formation calling its
Businesslike generals Two Indonesian generals sacked over the November 12 army massacre in East Timor are using their new-found free time to study management in the United States, the Indonesian magazine Editor said on May 5. Major-General
Swaziland is a tiny landlocked southern African monarchy dominated by South Africa. Repression and human rights abuses are overlooked by many governments and the international press. Inspired by the freedom movement in neighbouring South Africa,
Hydro project swindle in Sumatra By Colin Pemul Dirty dealings surround a proposed Japanese-backed hydro-electric project in western Sumatra's Riau province. The project will displace 23,000 people by flooding 128 sq km of prime agricultural
By Jack Colhoun WASHINGTON — Here for a meeting with World Bank officials, former Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega delivered an urgent warning: Nicaragua is on the verge of "an armed social explosion". "There are thousands of armed men
By Norm Dixon "We demand that the Security Council condemn the sabotage against the Cuban airline with the same firmness that we condemn the sabotage against the Pan Am and UTA airplanes", wrote Cuba's ambassador to the United Nations, Ricardo
In the last year, a new trade union association has emerged in Czechoslovakia. KAREL HYNES, president of the Trade Union Association of Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia (OSCMS — Odborove sdruzene Cech, Moravy a Slovenska) was interviewed in Prague
By Peter Annear BUDAPEST — With CNN and Skynews broadcasts booming in 24 hours a day, the citizens of Budapest — and most of eastern Europe — have now seen with their own eyes the quality of life in the United States. Many here were glued


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