By Kaylene Allen HOBART — The Aboriginal community on May 3 reoccupied Risdon Cove, 12 kilometres from the centre of Hobart, in commemoration of the 1804 massacre of at least 100 Aborigines. More than 300 Aborigines and supporters attended
Alice Dixon One of Australia's great fighters for justice has died. Her spirit, courage and sense of unity, however, continues to live in the hearts of the thousands of people she inspired. Alice Dixon was a Kaurna woman, known throughout
Brisbane free speech campaign resumes By Cameron S. Boyd BRISBANE — Some 100 people rallied on May 8 in the Queen Street Mall to generate public support for the freedom of speech campaign in Brisbane. Speakers included Terry Fisher, a
Benetton boycott called By Darryl O'Donnell BRISBANE — The AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT-UP) demonstrated outside the Benetton clothing chain last week, claiming that Benetton was profiteering from images of people with AIDS. An
NSW Liberals in disarray By Barry Healy SYDNEY — The New South Wales government is in serious disarray as the scandal over the attempt to give Liberal renegade Dr Terry Metherell a plum Public Service job moves into its second month. The
By Tracy Sorensen When the financial bubble burst for the Laurie Connells, Alan Bonds and Christopher Skases in the late '80s, losing their lenders spectacular sums, the banks turned on the poor to extract some compensation. Those with bank
Aytas coming to Sydney By Emlyn Jones SYDNEY — Representatives of the Aytas, an indigenous Philippines tribe who were removed from their ancestral land to make way for the US military bases, will arrive here on May 8. The two, Ben
Brisbane free speech campaign By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Supporters of free speech held a speak-out in the Queen Street Mall on May 1 to oppose city council plans to restrict activities in the area. ALP Lord Mayor Jim Soorley, under
Rally backs Newnham By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Several hundred people, including many police, rallied in King George Square on May 1 in support of stood-down police commissioner Noel Newnham, recently found guilty of official misconduct and
By Sean Malloy The federal government has amended the Social Security Act to stop unemployed people under the age of 21 from receiving a training allowance while attending CES courses. Michael Raper, coordinator of the Welfare Rights Centre


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