CPSU leaders accept ATO deal By Chris Slee The tax section council of the Community and Public Sector Union has voted to recommend acceptance of Australian Taxation Office (ATO) management's latest agency agreement offer. Section secretary Shane
'Put Hanson Last!' By Chris Dawsonand Nick Everett BRISBANE — Around 800 people participated in a "Put One Nation last" rally here on June 7. The action was in response to the state Coalition's deals with the far-right for the June 13 state
Jobs at risk despite Kennett backdown By Kylie Moon MELBOURNE — Workers from the Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DNRE) won a partial victory in a campaign against the Victorian government's proposal to cut $24 million from the
By Justin Harman PERTH — The future of WA's south-west forests is looking grim as the state government formulates a regional forest agreement (RFA) to determine what areas will be logged for the next 20 years. Opposition to the destruction of
Rally against power sell-off By John McGill ADELAIDE — More than 200 people attended a candlelight rally here on June 3 to oppose the privatisation of South Australia's electricity utility, ETSA. Kevin Burrows, from the New Zealand Public
Meeting hears report from Indonesia ADELAIDE — Max Lane, national coordinator of Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor, presented an inspirational account of his recent fact-finding trip to Jakarta to more than 60 activists here on
On June 3, Amcor announced that it will close its pulp mill in Burnie, throwing 230 employees out of work and destroying a major regional centre in Tasmania. The mill was making a profit, but Amcor didn't consider it high enough. Green Left Weekly's
By Wendy Robertson SYDNEY — An emergency rally here on World Environment Day, June 5, to oppose uranium mining at Jabiluka was attended by around 400 people. A similar size rally was held a week before. Opposition to the Jabiluka mine has been
By Michelle Armstrong CANBERRA — The Community and Public Sector Union's ACT government section held regional membership meetings on June 10 to prepare for a campaign to replace the current enterprise agreement. The agreement runs out at the end
Jabiluka: time to act By Sarah Peart On June 12, the Northern Territory Supreme Court refused to grant an injunction against the NT government's authorisation of the construction of the Jabiluka uranium mine. Yvonne Margarula, the senior Mirrar
'Kakadu to Werribee, Australia toxic free!' By Reuben Endean MELBOURNE — On June 5, World Environment Day, 2000 environmentalists rallied outside state parliament to demand that the Victorian and federal governments end their attacks on the
Resistance conference fever By Kerryn Williams MELBOURNE — Resistance conference fever is raging in Melbourne. Large, purple posters declaring "When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty" are brightening up the dull, grey suburbs of