International Abortion Rights Day

Wednesday, May 25, 1994 - 10:00

International Abortion Rights Day

CANBERRA — A public meeting on May 18 was outraged to learn that the ACT still has references to abortion in the Crimes Act 1900 and that a woman could be liable to prosecution and up to 10 years' jail if she failed to meet stringent "common law" criteria.

Organised by the Democratic Socialist Party and Resistance, the meeting resolved to join with other cities in Australia and around the globe in demanding the repeal of abortion laws on May 28.

Speaking at the meeting, DSP pro-choice activist Lara Pullin said, "We need to counter the right-wing offensive and show the immoral minority that they cannot dominate women's lives and women's bodies. The majority support women's right to choose, and we need to show this support now more than ever."

Under the demand of "Get your laws off our bodies", an action will be held at 12 noon on Saturday, May 28 in Garema Place. (See page 30 for details.)

From GLW issue 144