Steak sandwiches, potholes and workers rights


More than 200 council workers and their supporters joined sacked council workers Mick Van Beek and Peter Anderson in Johnston Park, Geelong on the morning of July 28.

Mick Van Beek and Peter Anderson were sacked by the City of Greater Geelong Council for filling in a pothole in November 2008 at the Leopold Sportsman's Club. They used material that had been bound for the local tip.

Council claims that the pair is guilty of theft, fraud and using council materials for personal benefit. The alleged "personal benefit" came in the form of two steak sandwiches that the owner of the club insisted the workers take — more than a week later.

Geelong Trades Hall Secretary Tim Gooden has called for the workers to be reinstated.

"Lets's be perfectly clear about this — the workers had initially declined to make the repairs since it was technically a private car park. But they ended up doing it at the end of a lunch break — their time — using left over hot mix that was going to the tip. And they never at any time denied what they had done" said Gooden.

State member of parliament, Ian Trezise, also demanded that council reinstate the workers.