Students 4 Palestine launched

Across university campuses, students are organising in support of Palestine. A big focus will be Palestine Solidarity Week, an international week of action beginning on March 30.

More than 20 students attended each of the first meetings of the newly formed Students 4 Palestine (S4P) collectives at Sydney University and the University of NSW. Students at the University of Western Sydney's Bankstown campus will hold their first meeting on March 10.

At an April 1 Sydney University student general meeting, S4P will propose that the Student Representative Council adopt a pro-Palestine stance. Until now, the right wing of the SRC has withheld quorum, ensuring that pro-Palestine resolutions could not be passed.

For more info on S4P in Sydney, phone Fred on 0423 538 265 or contact your local Resistance branch to find out what is happening in other cities.