On the box


Madame Sata – Joao Francisco dos Santos, better known as Madame Sata, was also a notorious gay performer in Brazil who pushed social boundaries in a volatile time. SBS, Saturday, March 14, 12.55am.

Outsourced – Outsourcing is the new frontier of globalisation, pitting call-centre workers around the world against each other in the battle for jobs. SBS, Sunday, March 15, 11am.

Dateline – Travels to Sri Lanka as the country moves towards an end-game in its bloody civil war. SBS, Sunday, March 15, 8.30pm.

PNG: The Rules of the Game – The history of Papua New Guinea's troubled voting system and its attempts to overhaul its political methods. SBS, Monday March 16, 1.30pm.

Religious Right at the Crossroads – Shows how younger evangelical Christians are reshaping the movement's political and cultural commitments, while providing a glimpse into the future of the religious right and its progressive adversaries. SBS, Tuesday, March 17, 8.30pm.

A Jihad for Love – Filmmaker Parvez Sharma travels the world discovering the stories of Islam's most unlikely storytellers: lesbian and gay Muslims. SBS, Tuesday, March 17, 10pm.

Wirrangul Women: Always Have, Always Will – Two sisters revisit the landscapes of their early childhood and recount their young lives as Wirrangul women. ABC, Wednesday, March 18, 2.55am.

Prisoner 345 In 2001, Sami al-Hajj, a cameraman for Al Jazeera, was arrested by Pakistani intelligence officers and handed to the US military and sent to Guantanamo Bay. SBS, Wednesday, March 18, 1.20am.

Hammer and Tickle – Beginning with the tongue-in-cheek claim that jokes were the only good thing to come out of "communism", this documentary film recounts a humorous history of the Soviet Union and its satellite states through the jokes that flourished. SBS, Wednesday, March 18, 1pm.