Resistance\'s vision for the future

July 5, 2008

This article is based on a talk given by Naomi Rodgers-Falk to the closing session of the Resistance National Conference, held at the University of Technology, Sydney, on June 27 to 29.

This article is based on a talk given by Naomi Rodgers-Falk to the closing session of the Resistance National Conference, held at the University of Technology, Sydney, on June 27 to 29.

We've reached the end of another Resistance National Conference. I want to congratulate everyone who contributed to the successes of this year's conference. And what a success it has been! Over the two-and-a-half days we had a total of 204 registrations. That's almost double the figure from last year, a significant growth that we should be very proud of.

Over the conference, current political developments, both locally and internationally, were discussed in relation to the initiatives that Resistance will be taking in the next period.

But another key function of our annual conference is to reaffirm our long-term vision for socialism, and to strengthen Resistance as an organisation that can work towards that vision.

When it came time for me to sit down and think about what words I wanted to close the conference with, it was our shared vision of a socialist future that I kept coming back to: the source of our unity.

In Resistance, we aim to develop revolutionaries who are conscious of the class struggle that defines capitalist society and are active in political struggles today. We learn from past struggles, led by revolutionaries, that have overcome forces of oppression and exploitation. It is our historical understanding that strengthens our dedication to socialist activism.

We have seen this dedication amongst Resistance members this weekend; the high level of commitment has been very inspiring.

Socialist ideas and revolutionary strategies have a long history, of which Resistance is now a part. It's a history with many experiences and lessons, but no one activist can embody all this experience, let alone use it.

We need a consciously constructed socialist organisation to bring such lessons to bear on our actions today. Resistance does this through our emphasis on collectivity. Our organisation draws on the contributions of all members, we find strength directly through our participation, democracy and unity.

In Resistance, we are a part of a much broader movement for socialism, which spans not just around the world but through history. As radical youth, we play an integral role in the struggle to transform society. We have inherited the tradition of socialist rebellion from comrades before us, now it falls to us to keep the tradition alive and breathe new life into the movement towards a socialist future. Young people have so often been at the forefront of revolutionary struggles: now it's our turn.

The vision of a socialist future is so powerful that it has withstood many challenges. It prevails because we desperately need an alternative to the capitalist system, which is killing the planet and its people: socialism is that alternative. We need only point to Venezuela and Cuba to see that the struggle for socialism is not only possible, it is very much alive today.

In fact, the fight for socialism has never been more crucial. There is no alternative but to step up to this challenge or watch the planet be destroyed by a tiny, greedy minority. It has truly come to a question of socialism or barbarism, as Karl Marx predicted 160 years ago.

The Resistance conference was a testament to our strength in unity and collaboration as radical youth working towards a shared vision. We've reaffirmed our understanding of where we want to go and what we need to get there. Long live our unity and our passion, which is both mindful and heartfelt. Long live Resistance!

[Naomi Rodgers-Falk is a Resistance member from Brisbane.]

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