War games protested


Fifty people demonstrated outside the defence plaza on June 15 to protest the beginning of the Talisman Sabre military exercises at Shoalwater Bay.

The action was called by the Stop the War Coalition and is only one component of the nationwide movement aiming to protect the environment at Shoalwater Bay and to oppose the war preparation that Talisman Sabre represents.

Speakers at the action included Greens parliamentarian John Kaye, academic Stuart Rees and anti-bases campaigner Denis Doherty. Greetings from the Pine Gap Four (who had been found guilty the day before by a NT court for tresspassing on the grounds of the US Spy Base Pine Gap) were also read. The protesters declared that as far as they were concerned it was the Howard government that was guilty of war crimes and the Pine Gap Four are innocent.

The Stop the War Coalition is involved in organising a Sydney bus to the peace convergence at Shoalwater Bay that is leaving on June 21. There are still seats available on the bus. Activists pointed out that this campaign is one step on the road to the protests against US President George Bush and PM John Howard at the APEC summit in September.

Visit http://www.stopwarcoalition.org for more information.