Loose cannons


Loose cannons

Freudian slip

“But there needs to be a focused, coalition effort in the [Middle-East] region against peace.” — US President George “The Crusader” Bush, March 30.


“The head of the Federal Government's royal commission into [bribery and corruption in] the building industry, Justice Terence Cole, is Australia's highest paid public official with an annual salary topping $800,000 a year plus expenses.” — Australian Financial Review, April 6-7.

Could then be sold off to Rupert or Kerry

“[Labor leader Simon] Crean apparently favours a plan formulated by the Left's Lindsay Tanner to build ALP membership by creating party branches based on communities of interest rather than geography — a communications branch or a sports branch, for example.” — AFR, April 6-7.

From Green Left Weekly, April 10, 2002.
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