Action updates


Action updates

Labor rolled on student solidarity

CANBERRA — Following heated debate, the University of Canberra Students Association has given its support to the April 2001 Student Solidarity Conference. Motions to the general committee called for conference sponsorship, $150 in funding and promotion of the conference on campus next year.

While ALP members argued against financial and practical support (and Aaron Matthews from BEER claimed that there was no guarantee the funding would not go to overseas "paramilitary groups"!), the majority supported all three motions.

Members of Resistance and Equity supported the motions in the spirit of solidarity with exploited people in the Third World. They believe the conference is an opportunity to plan solidarity with students from the Asia-Pacific region and to give UC students an opportunity to learn more about peoples' movements and politics.

Protesters condemn Ruddock

BRISBANE — A November 2 invitation-only meeting organised by the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs and featuring immigration minister Philip Ruddock, attracted 30 protesters chanting, "Make room for refugees, kick Ruddock out!".

The action was initiated by the International Socialist Organisation and supported by Resistance, the Griffith University Student Representative Council and the Democratic Socialist Party. Speakers on the open microphone denounced racism and the inhumane conditions inflicted upon refugees in Australia. The role the Coalition and Labor parties in implementing this racism was condemned.

There were scuffles with police as some protesters attempted to prevent Ruddock from entering the venue. Four protesters were arrested.

IWD committee to be launched

MELBOURNE — Following a successful Reclaim the Night march, which drew many women into feminist organising here, women's liberation activists in Melbourne are now thinking about organising the International Women's Day 2001 march and rally.

The first meeting of the IWD 2001 march organising committee will be held at 6.30pm, Thursday, November 9, at the YWCA, second floor, 489 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne. All women who want to get involved in organising the march, plus other lead-up activities are encouraged to attend. Phone (03) 9639 8622 for more information.