The Save the Powerhouse group is concerned that NSW Labor is going back on its promise to end the secrecy surrounding this much loved and internationally admired arts and sciences museum. Kerry Smith reports.


Kurdish supporters of the Western Sydney Wanderers showed their solidarity with Kurdish soccer players at the team’s winning January 1 match. Peter Boyle reports.

Thousands marched through the streets of Gadi/Sydney on December 30 demanding an end to Israel's ongoing genocidal war on Gaza, reports Peter Boyle.

An emergency rally was held on December 29 to protest the latest escalation of the Turkish state's bombing of civilian infrastructure (including power stations, factories and even hospitals) in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (Rojava), reports Peter Boyle.

woman making a peace sign with both hands

The presence of the Basij militia of the Revolutionary Guards and other security agencies has turned Iran's universities into barracks, writes Mohammad Sadeghpour.

A residents' initiative led to the City of Sydney Council passing a ceasefire motion at its last meeting of the year. Peter Boyle reports.

Twenty one housing justice groups, from across the country, organised a national “Housing is a Human Right” day of action, coinciding with International Human Rights Day. Rachel Evans reports.

Queer activists called on Mardi Gras to stand with the grassroots movements for queer and trans rights because attacks on the queer community had been unrelenting. Jesse Holly and Rachel Evans report.

Parts of NSW’s harsh anti-protest laws have been declared unconstitutional by the NSW Supreme Court. Jim McIlroy reports.

Angry residents have told NSW Transport and the Inner West Mayor that a royal commission should look into decisions which have led to the Rozelle Interchange gridlock. Peter Boyle reports.

Health Care Workers for Palestine organised a vigil in support of Palestine, in particular the people and medical staff of Gaza. Jim McIlroy reports.

The Australian Religious Response to Climate Change organised a multi-faith vigil for climate justice. Jim McIlroy reports.