Issue 97


Blossoms and Wrinkles Blossoms and Wrinkles, directed by Graeme Watson, is a skilful dance-theatre production of the One Extra Company. An older and a younger group of dancers admirably capture the memories and experiences of two generations.
By Alex Cooper MELBOURNE — The Kennett government will soon present legislation to parliament to give police greater powers. Police will be able to take fingerprints regardless of whether the person objects. Under current law, police
7 Up in South Africa Screening on SBS television Monday May 3, 7.30 p.m. (7 p.m. in Adelaide) Previewed by Norm Dixon "We have lots and lots of problems", explains seven-year-old Lunga, who lives in a township near Durban. "What are
By Pip Hinman MELBOURNE — It seems that the Victorian government is determined to change the current public sector superannuation scheme by July, come hell or high water. While the rhetoric from finance minister Ian Smith has been
A story of land Exile and the Kingdom A documentary by Frank Rijavec and Noelene Harrison Narrated by Roger Solomon (Yirra-Bindiri) Reviewed by Anthony Benbow "For years the white media's been coming to Roebourne, for years it's
The camera as accomplice Man Bites Dog Directed by Remy Belvaux Written by Remy Belvaux, Andre Bonzel, Benoit Poelvoorde and Vincent Tavier Starring Benoit Poelvoorde Now showing at the Mandolin Cinema, Sydney Reviewed by Gabrielle
The nuclear accident at the Tomsk-7 reprocessing plant in Siberia on April 6 was much bigger than first reported, and now may seriously impede expansion of the nuclear fuel cycle in Australia. Spokesperson John Hallam for the antinuclear
Brewer condemned for 'handouts' claim By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Powers Brewery head Bernie Power has run into a storm of criticism for his claim that welfare "handouts" to Aborigines were the cause of alcohol abuse. On April 19,
Another triumph for Circus Oz Circus Oz 1993 Artistic direction by Sue Broadway Musical composition by Irene Vela Costume design by Laurel Frank Reviewed by Margarita Windisch Circus Oz, believed by many to be the world's leading
Speaking their language The Predator Ice Cube Priority records through MDS Available on cassette and CD Reviewed by John-Paul Nassif Ice Cube, Amerikkka's most wanted, the nigger you love to hate, is now the Predator. The
Aboriginal leader slams Qld jails By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Aboriginal campaigner Mary Graham has launched a strong attack on the Queensland Corrective Services Commission for its treatment of blacks in custody. Graham said on April
By Karen Fredericks The Oscar-winning US documentary The Panama Deception will screen for the first time in Australia when it begins its run at the Valhalla cinema in Sydney on April 30. Green Left Weekly spoke to the film's producer and
Photographs Credits were accidentally omitted on several photographs used in last week's issue. The Cambodian photos on page 3 were from New Internationalist. The picture of Environmental Youth Alliance members on the back cover was by Peter
Reworking Australia launch The Charter of "Reworking Australia" will be launched in Sydney and Melbourne on Monday, May 3. Reworking Australia describes itself as "a new movement committed to social and economic justice, opposition to
By Bernie Brian WOLLONGONG — It seems inner city tenants will not be the only thing facing relocation if Sydney gets the Olympics in the year 2000. The Defence Department is still keen to relocate the Newington armaments depot from Sydney
By Peter Boyle The Australian Democrat-initiated independent parliamentary inquiry into tariffs and industry development has called for a 12-month pause in tariff reduction and an urgent reappraisal of industry policy. The final report
Silent protest against Stockdale By Alex Cooper MELBOURNE — A group of 60 people with disabilities and supporters of public transport gathered outside the Equal Opportunities Commission on April 23 to protest against the arrival of
By Melanie Sjoberg ADELAIDE — It seems clear that the state government is moving into election mode following the release of its "economic blueprint" on April 23. The package is supposed to provide the means for "our state" to climb
By Bronwen Beechey MELBOURNE — One of the gains of the women's movement has been the recognition of the way that women have been excluded from history, their contribution to political and cultural life ignored or trivialised. Over the
By Sean Malloy The alternative newspaper Broadside has joined Modern Times and Australian Left Review. Its last edition appeared last week. Green Left Weekly spoke to Broadside's editor, Ian Milliss, about the reason for the paper's closure
Another mine to close? By Bernie Brian WOLLONGONG — Coal mining company Denehurst, owner of one of the oldest pits in NSW, has given a new meaning to the phrase "enterprise bargain". It has told 250 employees at the Metropolitan
By Jeremy Smith MELBOURNE — Victoria's first "illegal" picket since the promulgation of the Employee Relations Act on March 1 proved interesting for two reasons. Firstly, the workers won the dispute. Secondly, the political intrigue behind
From Gaia to Selfish Genes: Selected Writings in the Life Sciences Edited by Connie Barlow The MIT Press, 273 pp. Reviewed by Dave Riley There seems to be a frustrating paucity of informed debate within the environment movement. A


By the Central American University The armed forces' rejection of the Truth Commission report [an international inquiry into human rights violations during El Salvador's civil war] has brought the nation to the brink of a constitutional
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — Russian President Boris Yeltsin has been readying another "presidential coup", to be launched immediately after the April 25 referendum. Unlike his preparations in March for the imposition of "special rule", there
By Sean Malloy New Zealand is in the process of shifting to a new electoral system. The new proportional system will mean a greater representation of alternative forces and the erosion of the established parties, argues Keith Locke.
By Irina Glushchenko MOSCOW — When independent commercial firms reappeared on the Russian scene a few years back, they naturally enough brought advertising with them. Citizens weren't totally unused to this phenomenon; for years, state
MADELEINE BLACKWELL, the director of Matebian Nia Lian (Voices of Souls), a play by the East Timorese Cultural Group currently being performed in Melbourne's Theatreworks, believes that the story of East Timor reveals ugly truths about the nature
Oliver Tambo Oliver Tambo, the national chairperson of the African National Congress, died in Johannesburg on Saturday. The next issue of Green Left Weekly will carry a tribute to the life of this outstanding South African leader.
In a series of stories which began on January 15, the San Francisco Examiner revealed a probe by San Francisco police, the FBI and the San Francisco district attorney into the activities of former SF policeman Tom Gerard, who allegedly kept copies
By Barry Sheppard SAN FRANCISCO — The conviction of two of the four Los Angeles cops charged with violating Rodney King's civil rights by nearly beating him to death was hailed by President Clinton as proof that the "system" works and that
Exhaust fumes cleaner than London air? LONDON — The following advertisement was displayed in the April 17 Guardian newspaper: "This Saab refreshes the air other cars leave behind. "Incredible but true. "Proved by government
Leader assassinated This article had already been written when it was learned that DUNF leader Lalith Athulathmudali had been assassinated on April 23. No further information was available at press time.
By Catherine Brown Anti-racist activists warned that the new right government of Prime Minister Edouard Balladur would step up attacks on immigrants. Within two weeks of its appointment, four young immigrants were shot by French police. Three
By S. Piyasena A critical election is taking place in Sri Lanka on May 17. While the vote is for seven of eight provincial councils, whose five-year terms end in June-July, the election is being viewed as a referendum on the country's
This is the text of Nelson Mandela's address at Chris Hani's funeral in Soweto on April 19. It is abridged slightly for reasons of space. Chris Hani loved life, and lived it to the full. But he loved freedom more. Chris Hani loved our people,


John Pilger's Cambodian film Return to Year Zero, award-winning journalist John Pilger's new documentary on Cambodia, has been screened in Britain. But it will apparently not be seen in Australia in the immediate future. According to a report