Issue 93


Sean Kenan acquitted Aidex protester Sean Kenan was acquitted of charges of assaulting police by the ACT Supreme Court on March 19, following failure by the prosecution to prove at least one key element of the alleged offence. Kenan was
Rainbow Warrior visits Hobart By Rohan Gaiswinkler HOBART — The Rainbow Warrior visited Hobart from March 11. The launch of the Greenpeace "Cities and Coasts Campaign" took place on board on March 12. The campaign targets
EYA pedals against pollution By Jim McIlroy BRISBANE — The next generation of young people faces tremendous problems of pollution and environmental destruction because of the neglect of the past, Phoebe Clark, a 13-year-old high school
Rally against police violence By Alex Cooper MELBOURNE — Wearing a variety of masks, a small group of people demonstrated outside the South Melbourne police station on March 11 to protest against bashings by police of people taken into
Union deal saves train lines but may cost jobs By Alex Cooper MELBOURNE — A deal struck between transport minister Alan Brown and rail unions has saved a number of rail services throughout Victoria, but about 5500 jobs will be shed in
Council attacks free speech rally By Maurice Sibelle BRISBANE — Brisbane City Council officers, with help from the Queensland Police, confiscated an information stall from free speech protesters in the Queen Street Mall on March 19.
Qld police slammed on Operation Trident By Bill Mason BRISBANE — The controversial Operation Trident car-stealing scam was poorly conceived, incompetently executed and tainted from beginning to end, according to the Carter report
When Paul Keating thanked the "true believers" in Labor for re-electing his government on March 13, he was met with a wild ovation from the loyal crowd at the Bankstown Leagues Club. But PETER BOYLE asks: what is the worth of his promise to
In Melbourne this week By Bronwen Beechey St Kilda Film Festival Every year the St Kilda Film Festival presents an extraordinarily diverse program of new Australian short films and videos, made by students at film and TV schools and
Tasmanian teachers' bank accounts raided By Shayne McCallum HOBART — Outrage has erupted among Tasmanian teachers over revelations by a Tasmanian building society senior executive that money has been deducted from teachers' personal
Call to repeal 45D and E By Dave Wright HOBART — Noel Rafferty, state secretary of the Waterside Workers Federation, has called on the Keating government to repeal sections 45D and E of the Trade Practices Act. A resolution
By Andrew Watson PERTH — West Australian Liberal Premier Richard Court has signalled a Jeff Kennett style of approach to industrial relations, aiming to introduce new anti-union legislation when parliament sits in May. The proposed
Handbook for activists By Stephen Bavaro SYDNEY — The Activists Defence Network (ADN) will soon be launching the Activists Defence Handbook. A spokesperson for the ADN says that the handbook will be available by late March or early


The government in Panama has banned the showing of a critically acclaimed documentary on the 1989 US invasion of the country, which put the present government in office. The film, The Panama Deception, has been nominated for an Oscar as well
ANC condemn UNITA By Frank Noakes JOHANNESBURG — The African National Congress national executive has launched a national campaign of solidarity and support for Angola, and is calling on the international community to take all
Campaign for jailed publisher An international campaign in solidarity with South Korean publisher Ilbung Choe is being stepped up with the launch of an international petition. Choe was jailed for two years in October merely for publishing
South Africa fuels Rwanda civil war Copies of two invoices received by the Oslo-based World Campaign Against Military and Nuclear Collaboration with South Africa reveal that arms and ammunition worth around US$6 million were sold to the
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — Amid anguished plaints from liberal ideologues and the indifference of the mass of the population, the Eighth Congress of People's Deputies of the Russian Federation voted on March 12 to strip President Boris
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — "What has occurred has been an attempt to concentrate power fully in the hands of the Soviets, to return the Communist nomenklatura to the levers of government, and to seize back the democratic conquests of August
By Igal Avidan On February 28 exactly 50 years ago, a few hundred women began a historic demonstration in Nazi Germany — perhaps the only public protest against the Holocaust ever to be staged under Hitler. Yet the demonstration is
Secret radioactive dumping in Pacific WASHINGTON — Reports from the European press that the Soviet Navy secretly dumped nuclear reactors and radioactive waste into the Sea of Japan indicate a more damaging nuclear legacy of the Cold War
MARINA CARMAN's family left South Africa in 1977 and returned for their first visit in December. Here she describes what she found. The one word that hits more than any other and around which everything else seems to circle is: change.
By Catherine Brown Last year the Italian government announced plans for extensive privatisation of government-owned industry. Now, the prime targets for privatisation are in the thick of a massive corruption scandal. All major state companies


By Peter Boyle Linn Van Hek and Joe Dolce presented Difficult Women, readings and songs celebrating "women who have dared to stand up and speak", to completely sold out seasons at Melbourne's La Mamma and Budinski's theatres last year. Then,
By Max Lane The March issue of Australian Left Review is the magazine's last. The magazine was published for many years by the Communist Party. When that party dissolved, some ex-members backed ALR financially. According to editor David
Asia's booming economies By Norm Dixon Hong Kong-born SBS reporter Jane Hutcheon has spent six and a half weeks investigating Asia's fast-growing economies and the impact this development is having on ordinary people. She visited six
Poetry for the jobless By Stephen Bavaro SYDNEY — The Unemployed People's Embassy, based in the inner southern suburbs of Marrickville and St. Peters, has established the Poetry Party. A spokesperson for the UPE said that the idea
Stay home, Soldier The Crying Game Directed by Neil Jordan Reviewed by Reihana Mohideen In the first few minutes, the contradictions dealt with in the film come at you thick and fast. A black English soldier (Forest Whitaker) on duty
Hollywood backlash Scent of a Woman Directed by Martin Brest Written by Bo Goldman With Al Pacino and Chris O'Donnell Greater Union Reviewed by Gabrielle Carey I was prejudiced about this film before I even saw it because of
One False Move Directed by Carl Franklin Written by Billy Bob Thornton and Tom Epperson With Bill Paxton and Lynda Williams Reviewed by Gabrielle Carey This is a powerful movie from a new African American director, Carl Franklin. It's
Power and Protest: Movements for Social Change in Australian Society By Verity Burgmann Allen and Unwin. 302 pp. $24.95 (pb) Reviewed by Vannessa Hearman Verity Burgmann, co-editor of the four volume A People's History of Australia
Blood Moon By Tes Lyssiotis Directed by Robert Draffin Cast: Nina Landis, Maggie Millar, Diedre Rubinstein, Mary Sitarenos Theatreworks, Melbourne, until March 28 Reviewed by Bronwen Beechey Blood Moon is Tes Lyssiotis' 13th play
Power and Money By Ernest Mandel London: Verso. 251 pp. $34.95 Reviewed by Jason Cheng Readers familiar with Ernest Mandel's incisive and readable work will not be disappointed by Power and Money, in which he presents a Marxist theory
A habit of breaking new ground The Times Of Zenia Gold By Chris Jones Black Wattle Press Reviewed by Michael Arnold Being at the forefront of new queerground is almost old hat for poet Chris Jones. Chris was involved in the


Delivering According to George Campbell, national secretary of the Automotive, Metals and Engineering Union, "we can never again allow the trade union movement to become so weak that large sections of it are dependent upon a Labor government