Issue 91


Here is the complete list of seats in which green and left candidates are standing in the March 13 poll. House of Representatives Australian Democrats New South Wales All seats except Berowra, Calare, Chifley, Eden-Monaro, Fowler, Hunter,
The hole in Kennett's 'safety net' By Di Quin MELBOURNE — The Kennett government's Employee Relations Act purports to establish a "safety net" of minimum conditions for the new employment agreements being forced on many workers.
90,000 Victorian workers take to the streets By Roberto Jorquera MELBOURNE — March 1 marked the death of the state award system here. Some 80,000 people marched in Melbourne and several thousand more rallied in regional centres to


By Frank Noakes JOHANNESBURG — Filling in for a physically exhausted Nelson Mandela, African National Congress chairperson Oliver Tambo addressed 900 delegates from five continents at an international solidarity conference here on February
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — It could have been any of a series of meetings called in recent times by the outlawed Communist Party. The venue was kept secret until the last moment. Would-be participants were required to appear on the morning
By Norm Dixon SYDNEY — Australian human rights lawyer Rosemarie Gillespie, just returned after four months living and travelling in rebel-held areas of Bougainville, has dismissed claims by the Papua New Guinea government that it is in
Suharto still silent on vice-president By Max Lane The Indonesian People's Deliberative Assembly (MPR) began meeting on March 1. It is expected to re-elect Suharto as president and to choose a new vice-president sometime between March 9
'Gross human rights violations' in Sudan Alarming reports of gross human rights violations continue to emerge from Sudan, said Amnesty International in a report issued on February 19. "There are especially disturbing reports of mass


>Trainspotting socialist from hell 668: Neighbour of the Beast Attila the Stockbroker Larrikin Records Reviewed by Nick Fredman Attila the Stockbroker (AKA John Baines) is a stand-up comic, performance poet, singer, folk musician
Close My Eyes (R) A film by Stephen Poliakoff Starring Alan Rickman, Clive Owens, Saskia Reeves Cinema Nova and Brighton Bay, March 1993 Reviewed by Mario Giorgetti This second feature by writer-director Stephen Poliakoff (Hidden
By Michael Tardif "We have a responsibility to pass down the history to our children ... It has to be more than just a hat, more than just a T-shirt", said Spike Lee, director of Malcolm X, on a recent JJJ interview. With LA still smouldering
Davis rescues a formula On My Own Directed by Antonio Tibaldi With Judy Davis and Matthew Ferguson Reviewed by Gabrielle Carey On My Own is a teen coming of age film with a difference. At the edge of 15-year-old Simon's fairly
An unlikely tour de force Punch me in the stomach!D> By Deb Filler and Alison Summers Directed by Alison Summers Performed by Deb Filler Anthill at the Gasworks Theatre, Melbourne, until March 21, then Belvoir St Theatre, Sydney, from
By Dave Riley The rise of fascism in Germany and then the war produced the first major break in European cabaret tradition since its beginnings in the years after the 1871 Paris Commune. While some cabarets were formed by exile German


Economy and environment A not uncommon comment during this campaign has been that "the election has been fought on the economy, not the environment". In reality, it has been fought on neither the environment nor the economy. The ALP and