Issue 6


'Arabs to pay' for Gulf War

By Jim McIlroy

BRISBANE — The Arab world, in particular the ordinary people of the Middle East, will pay much of the enormous cost of the US-led war against Iraq, Dr Robert Springborg told an audience of 120 here on...

By Steve Painter

Arthur Scargill, the British mineworkers leader who was unofficial public enemy number one for much of the reign of Margaret Thatcher, has politically outlived the prime minister who threw enormous resources into a number of attempts to smear his name...

By Jon Singer

PERTH — The first weeks of the WA Inc royal commission have shed some light on the operations of the Peppermint Grove set and how a good number of the financial and political "geniuses" of the '80s became the bankrupt (though by no means...

By Angela Matheson

Photo by David Brazil

SYDNEY — The Rainbow Warrior concluded its month-long tour of Australia with a week's visit at Darling Harbour, where more than 3000 people were shown over the ship by...

Duck rescuers out in big numbers

By Mark Berriman

Animal rights and environmental groups launched some of the largest operations yet to retrieve dead and injured waterfowl as the 1991 duck season opened on March 16.

In NSW about 200 rescuers converged on...

The slaughter of Bool Lagoon

By Pamela Irving

-1>ADELAIDE — At 6.45 a.m. on March 2, the sky over Bool Lagoon in South Australia's south-east echoed to the boom of guns and the cries of water birds taking flight as 550 camouflage-clad, shotgun-toting...

By Adriaan Anarco-Troika

DARWIN — The chief political reporter for the Murdoch-owned Northern TerritoryNews, Frank Alcorta, is being criticised for accepting a $20,000 commission from the CLP government to...

Black deaths commission slams cops

By Leon Harrison

PERTH — Kalgoorlie police have been slammed by the Royal Commission Into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody over their treatment of three Aboriginal prisoners who died in the Kalgoorlie lockup....

By Garry Walters

MELBOURNE — Rail unionists are concerned that plans for reorganisation of Australia's railways could open the door to privatisation of the main inter-city routes while the remnants of the old state networks are left to fall into decay...

By Michael Bell

BRISBANE — Green Alliance candidates polled up to 26% in local government elections here on March 23. While the Greens didn't win any seats, their preferences are expected to decide several. In a surprise win for the Labor Party, Liberal...

Green Left schedule

Green Left is taking a one-week Easter holiday. The next issue will be dated April 10.

South Sydney Greens set preselection

By Peter Boyle

SYDNEY — The South Sydney Greens have organised two public meetings to preselect candidates for the seats of Marrickville and Heffron in the coming state elections. The Marrickville meeting is...

By Dick Nichols

SYDNEY — After three weeks of indecision, the Australian Democrats' two members of the New South Wales Legislative Council voted on March 21 to support Greiner government legislation for a referendum that would reduce the chamber from 45...


Finns for fuel efficiency

By a big majority, the people of Finland prefer greater energy efficiency to the building of new power plants, according to a poll published on February 26.

Commissioned by Greenpeace and conducted in January, the survey found 61% in favour of greater...

Student demonstrations, a military clampdown and an emigre exodus have marked the lead-up to Albania's first multiparty elections, scheduled for March 31. From Prague, Green Left correspondent PETER ANNEAR reports.

The exodus of 20,000...

By Peter Annear

The Straits of Otranto — an 80 kilometre stretch of the Adriatic — were the corridor for the exodus of 20,000 Albanians in the second week of March from Durres, Vlore and Shengjin to Brindisi, Otranto and other ports in the Apulia region of south-east...

Since 1986, about 1 million civilians have fled their homes to escape the fighting in the Philippines. The plight of this destitute, homeless tribe — "internal refugees" — is still not fully recognised by the Aquino government. DAVID ROBIE reports.

Marcello Torres is a survivor. Escaping...

By Jacqui Kavanagh

The African National Congress has expressed "outrage and deep disappointment" at the South African government's white paper on land reform, tabled in parliament on March 12. The paper fails to address the crucial issue of land redistribution to the...

By Renfrey Clarke

MOSCOW — They were the first eggs I had seen in my local food store in over a month. I stood in line, seized a packet, and headed for the check-out. On the packet was printed in large letters: "Price 1 rouble 34 kopeks".


By Norm Dixon

Japan's most serious nuclear power accident has given the anti-nuclear movement a powerful impetus. Japan barely escaped a nuclear accident of Chernobyl or Three Mile Island proportions on February 9, when a pipe broke inside the 19-year-old Mihama reactor...

By Norm Dixon

As industrialised countries adopt stricter, more costly regulations on disposal of toxic wastes, a whole industry of shadowy operators has developed to promote dumping wastes in the Third World.

Late last year, a California-based company, Global...

By Norm Dixon

Mecky Salosa, a senior leader of the Free West Papua Movement (OPM), which is fighting for independence of Indonesian-occupied West Papua, was sentenced to life imprisonment on March 18 by an Indonesian District Court in Jayapura. The...

By Andrew Nette

Aung Naing Oo is one of thousands of students who fled Burma's cities in the wake of the crushing of the nation's democracy movement in 1988. In fear of military retaliation for their central role in the opposition, they moved into jungle areas...

By Steve Painter

Five days of mass protests shook the Yugoslav and Serbian capital, Belgrade, in mid-March. Two people were killed and up to 160 injured as police, backed briefly by army tanks, attacked the protesters. The tanks were withdrawn after one day.


By Norm Dixon

SYDNEY — "The president of the white people, F.W. de Klerk (he's not my president as I never elected him, I have no voting rights in South Africa), has been doing the rounds telling the international community that apartheid is at an end...

Tirana, Washington resume relations

By Peter Annear

PRAGUE — After 52 years without diplomatic contact, the United States agreed to restore full diplomatic relations with Albania on March 15. Talks on resuming ties were virtually completed last...


Editorial: Caught in the act

In the last week, people all around the world watched a home video of US police mercilessly beating and kicking a black man. The cops had stopped him for speeding, then, thinking they were unobserved, had passed sentence and meted out punishment: 51 hits...


Kitchen Talk Newsletter
Published six times per year by Michael and Janet Boddy
Subscriptions ($42 per year) from The Bugle Press, Binalong NSW 2584
Reviewed by Dave Riley

Food now produced by so few is scrutinised by so...

Rory McLeod, currently touring Australia, entertains not only with his skills as a guitarist, harmonica player, tap dancer, spoon player and vocalist but also with the stories told in his songs, many of which he writes himself. He has performed in many places outside the normal entertainment...

I>The Story of Boys and Girls

Directed by Pupi Avati

Produced by Antonio Avati

Academy Twin Cinema, Paddington (Sydney)

Reviewed by Sally Low

Remember some seemingly endless all afternoon extended family lunch? Women folk, with...

Large Stars Looking Small

By Connie Frazer

Gasp with shock, you spaced-out

wide bright twinklers. Soon

there will be more of us than

you. Yet consider the power

of small things together

— as trillions of fleas

in a...

By Harry van Moorst

For three days in March, the sleepy old fishing village of Port Fairy comes to life with the ballads, shanties, jigs and reels that characterise Victoria's largest, and Australia's most charming folk festival.

Amidst the bluestone cottages and...

The Dishwasher

ME = By Teresa Dowding

When She smiles it's

(give us a smile sweetheart)

taking a breath or

simply desperation

and She is blank

to survive.

Pain transforms Her body

(nice legs shame...

The Removalists

By David Williamson

Directed by Marcelle Schmitz

Deck Chair Theatre, Fremantle. Tues-Sat nights until April 13.

Reviewed by Ian Bolas

"You dead cunt", Kenny yells at the police sergeant who has beaten and humiliated...


By Tom Topor

Directed by John Rado

With Bede Gwynne, Richard Payten, Geoff Hickey, Nan Vernon, Ted Webster, David Beard, Simon O'Rourke, Paul Van Reyk, Wednesday Kennedy.

New Theatre, Sydney

Reviewed by Rod Webb

By at...

The Nasty Girl

Starring Lena Stolze

Directed and written by Michael Verhoeven

Reviewed by Barry Healy

The nasty girl of the title is Sonja Rosenburgen, who outrages the good burgers of the Bavarian town of Pfilzing by digging into the...

Moir's Gulf

Wild and Woolley. 1991. $12.95.

Reviewed by Tracy Sorensen

When the mainstream media began the six-month march to war last year, cartoonist Alan Moir decided he wasn't going. Instead, he stayed where he was — beside the Sydney...