Issue 421


BY CAMERON BROWN NEWCASTLE — Sixty people staged a picket outside a McDonald's restaurant on King Street here on September 11, in solidarity with S11 protesters blockading the World Economic Forum in Melbourne. While passers-by and many
BY ALEX ROBINSON PERTH — There was so much community support for the S11 demonstration here that about 300 people joined the protest along the march route. The breadth of support was also reflected in the topics covered by speakers. Roberto
BY TIM GOODEN GEELONG — A picketing worker at the Godfrey Hirst factory here had his ankle crushed when a manager reversed a forklift through a crowd of protesters on September 13. Members of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union and the
BY SIMON BUTLER & BRONWEN BEECHEY Ten Iraqi asylum seekers, charged with inciting the desperate riots at the Woomera detention centre in August, are now being systematically denied even their most basic rights as prisoners, according to lawyers
BY RAY FULCHER MELBOURNE — Left-wing students have won a landslide victory in elections for control of the Melbourne University Student Union, held here September 4-8. The Left Focus ticket won all office-bearer positions and won a majority on


The S11 protests against the World Economic Forum were a triumph for the Australian left, writes Susan Price. But it was a tough job to put them together and took enormous efforts of many different people from many different backgrounds.


The United Nations has selected Havana, the capital of Cuba, to host next year's World Environment Day. The choice acknowledges revolutionary Cuba's outstanding achievements in the protection of the environment. The announcement was made on
The environmental groups the Mineral Policy Institute, Greenpeace, Basel Action Network (BAN), Earthlife and GroundWork have learned that Australia has exported hazardous wastes to South Africa in defiance of a global ban against such exports. The
The United Nations Millennium Summit has been marked by the frequent expression of noble sentiments and lofty goals. Fewer have been the concrete measures proposed to reach those goals, and even fewer the leaders willing to point the finger at those
MOSCOW — August was a fateful month for the Russian authorities. There was a terrorist explosion in Pushkin Square, then the sinking of the nuclear submarine Kursk, and, on August 27, the Ostankino television tower caught fire. What happened to the
The Republican and Democratic conventions are now over with absolutely no surprises or revelations to record. George W. Bush and Albert Gore received their party's endorsement, as predicted months ago. The two are now touring the country with their
A National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) spectrometer has detected an Antarctic ozone hole three times larger than the land mass of the United States, the largest such hole ever observed. The hole expanded to a record size of
In this excerpt from the first Frantz Fanon Memorial Lecture, delivered on August 17 at the University of Durban-Westville School of Governance, PATRICK BOND debates Pretoria's global strategies, tactics and alliances. In a formidable speech on
MANILA — "Fight for ILO 167!" was the main chant taken up by some 5000 building workers here on September 10 as they marched to the Cultural Centre near the Manila Bay foreshore. The march was to demand the immediate implementation by the
NEW YORK — Thousands of people honoured Cuban President Fidel Castro in Harlem during a rally in solidarity with the island organised by the Committee to Welcome the Cuban Delegation to the Millennium Summit. The packed meeting, described by
BY JON LAND When news of the killings in West Timor of workers from the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) by pro-Jakarta militia reached Prime Minister John Howard, he acted quickly to show support for the Indonesian government
More than 150 deaths around the world have been linked to defective Firestone tyres fitted to Ford motor vehicles. The deadly problem involves the tread separating from the tyre. According to Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman, writing in their
Prime Minister John Howard's Coalition government has released foreign affairs documents relating to the 1974-76 period in a cynical ploy to use Australian people's outrage at the 1975 invasion and occupation of East Timor to score points against the
A planned hydroelectric dam project in south-eastern Turkey will displace up to 78,000 people if international lending agencies and the British government provide financial support, according to a report leaked to British media. According to the


SYDNEY — This exhibition of Chris Wyatt's paintings focused on the massacre of Aborigines at Myall Creek in NSW in 1838 is the artist's "contribution to the reconciliation debate and to reaching a clearer understanding of the unacceptable situation
BY RICHARD PITHOUSE There are not too many working-class heroes who are known as the "Boss". Bruce Springsteen's fans hang out everywhere from cyber-shrines and academic conferences to battered bars on the wrong side of town. And while a bikie
The article "A song for an apology" in last week's Green Left Weekly contains an editing error in stating that Triple J radio had excluded the previous Simon Hunt (Pauline Pantsdown) song "I Don't Like It" from its play list. It is only Simon's new
BY KARL MILLER "Quake" is a phenomenally popular shoot 'em up computer game. The designers included the capability for users to create "mods" or modified versions of the game. "Political Arena" is a satirical mod written specifically for the US
Sam's Big RoosterThe Savoy-Doucet Cajun BandArhoolie records<> REVIEW BY BILL NEVINS Cajun music is people's music at its deepest. It is the songs and dances of survivors of colonial wars, religious and class
REVIEW BY SIMON BUTLER Deadly Deceits: My 25 years in the CIABy Ralph McGeheeOcean Press, Melbourne.231pp. $26.95 (pb) "My view, backed by 25 years of experience is, quite simply, that the CIA is the covert action arm of the Presidency. Most of


BY JOHN GAUCI SYDNEY — Pressure on Nike has been stepped up by an "Alternative Opening Ceremony" organised by NikeWatch, which challenged the sportswear giant to live up to the "Olympic ideal of human dignity". The September 11 ceremony, in
BY SIMON BUTLER Nike is the world market leader in sports shoes. Its profits amounted to US$965 million in 1999. This huge figure in part flows from the sales generated from the vast volume of advertising Nike subjects the planet to. But mostly,
BY SHANE BENTLEY SYDNEY — The next step here in the campaign for refugee rights is the September 23 rally to be held through the streets of Parramatta. The march, organised by the Refugee Action Collective (RAC), is using the Olympic period to
Sodexho Alliance, a multinational based in France, and its Australian division, Sodexho Australia, won the contract to cater for several Olympic venues — Stadium Australia, the Olympic village (for sponsors and the media) and the Sydney Opera
BY ZANNY BEGG SYDNEY — Seven hundred people turned out to support indigenous rights in protests coinciding with the September 15 opening ceremony of the Olympic Games — but in two seperate venues. A rift between the Aboriginal Tent Embassy