Issue 409


New DSP branch warms up for Olympic protests BY DANIEL JARDINE SYDNEY — Given mainstream media hype seeking to convince Sydneysiders that the Olympics would be a golden time for everyone, a forum on “Why the Olympics won't benefit
Teachers strike, plan more action BY ALEX ROBINSON BRISBANE — Queensland's teachers struck for 24 hours on June 14 in support of demands by the Queensland Teachers Union for an 8% per year pay rise, decreased class sizes and more resources for
Asbestos scare in Parramatta BY OWEN RICHARDS SYDNEY — The Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union has banned construction work on the old David Jones site in Parramatta here after discovering asbestos. CFMEU state secretary Andrew
Tax staff reject pay offer BY CHRIS SLEE Australian Tax Office staff have narrowly rejected a new agency agreement proposed by management. Their union described the offer as inadequate and paltry. ATO management offered a pay rise
BY SUSAN AUSTIN BRISBANE — Twelve health unions, led by the Queensland Nurses Union, are planning to step up industrial action in response to Queensland Health's refusal to budge in negotiations on a new enterprise agreement. Work
Western Mining present eviction notice to Arabunna BY JOHN NEBAUER ADELAIDE — Western Mining Corporation has handed an eviction notice to Arabunna traditional landowners camped near Lake Eyre in protest at the company's uranium mining
Darwin protests against APEC BY LARISA FREIVERTS DARWIN — Media mongrels, APEC staffers and plainclothes police watched guardedly as 60 people gathered in Raintree Park on June 7 in a lively protest action against the Asia Pacific
Fijian community leader calls for democracy's restoration BY GRAHAM MATTHEWS BRISBANE — “Fifty two homes have been broken into. Families are fleeing into the bush. Cattle are being slaughtered and police vehicles are being used for
BY SHANE BENTLEY SYDNEY — The New South Wales branch of the National Union of Workers has severed its ties with the NSW Labor Party in protest against the ALP state government's refusal to help the union in its legal battle with Davids Holdings.
"Get sorry today, unchain John Howard's heart" was the message on one banner amongst a sea of support for reconciliation and justice for Aborigines at marches in Adelaide and Brisbane, which followed the example of the May 28 half-million people
Salmat strike ends SYDNEY — Ninety members of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union's printing division, employed at Salmat Laser Printing Services in Chester Hill, returned to work on June 5 after nine days on strike. The
Student union refuses affiliation to political clubs BY RUTH RATCLIFFE CANBERRA — Citing its policy of refusing to affiliate any club deemed “political”, the University of Canberra Union n(UCU) has rejected an application for
Honeymoon mine assessment begins BY JIM GREEN Canadian company Southern Cross Resources has released its environment impact statement for the proposed Honeymoon uranium mine in north-east South Australia. The operation involves
BY LESLIE RICHMOND ADELAIDE — Five hundred people marched on Glenelg's Grand Hotel on June 4 to denounce an official government World Environment Day conference. Rally organisers called Adelaide's “official host city” status a farce
BY CAROLYNE BANADOS SYDNEY — Rallying under the banner “Quality service deserves quality pay”, community and social workers will strike and rally on June 23, closing down welfare services and agencies, most of them recipients of state
Nike admits guilt BY BRIAN TUPP MELBOURNE — Unionists and anti-outwork campaigners have described as a victory an admission by clothing and footwear giant Nike, in Melbourne's Federal Court on June 6, that it had failed to comply with the
BY CHRIS SPINDLER MELBOURNE — Some three weeks after winning the ballot, Craig Johnston was on June 9 confirmed as the new Victorian state secretary of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union. Johnston was delayed from taking office by court
BY ANTHONY BENBOW PERTH — “Kierath says our existence is a 'planning mistake'. We've been here at Wattleup four decades, Hope Valley a century — that's long before the heavy industry at Kwinana. So which one is the 'planning mistake'?”
Abandoned Kakadu mines are still radioactive BY BRIAN TUPP A memo from the Office of the Supervising Scientist, leaked to environmentalists on June 6, has confirmed that abandoned South Alligator uranium mines are posing a radiation


LAHORE — The leader of Labour Party Pakistan (LPP) and Labour Unity Rawalpindi, Bashir Botter, who was arrested on May 26, has been released on bail. However, the charges against him — organising “illegal” strikes and demonstrations,
WINDSOR, Ontario — On June 4, 3000 people demonstrated against a meeting of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Windsor, Ontario.  The OAS, which is based in Washington, involves the heads of state of all countries in the
DENIS HALLIDAY worked for the United Nations for 34 years as a specialist in Third World development. In August 1997 he was appointed the UN's chief relief coordinator in Iraq where he supervised the "oil-for-food" program until his very public
HANOVER, Germany — Scientists have found evidence that genes used to modify crops can jump the species barrier and cause bacteria and even fungi to mutate. One aim of Expo 2000 in Hanover last month was to popularise GM (genetic
AMSTERDAM - "The policy demanded by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in exchange for loans leads to an increase in poverty. Subsidies on electricity, education and public transport are being cut ... There's already 80 million Indonesian people
World Bank gives go-ahead The World Bank board on June 6 approved a controversial plan to build an oil and gas pipeline from southern Chad, in central Africa, to the coast of Cameroon. The pipeline is a joint venture between oil
'Stop the war!' The Eritrean community rallied in Brisbane on June 6 chanting "We want peace, stop the war!" and demanding humanitarian assistance from the federal government for those suffering in Eritrea. Since Ethiopia began a massive military
BY MELANIE GILLBANK The Peoples' Forum 2000 and the mass protests which followed, in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in early May, were born of suffering, anger and betrayal. Twelve hundred people attended the forum to share their stories of hardship and
"The only solution I can see is to hold a series of long and costly negotiations in exotic locations, in order to put off finding a solution", reads the caption of a Climate Action Network (CAN) cartoon lampooning the 12th session of the
UNITED STATES: Left internet site censored Since 1993, the Burn! internet site has been an important source of solidarity for militant liberation movements. Burn! hosts the web sites of groups in the front line of struggles in Chiapas
MANILA — On June 9, some 3000 Moros (an ethnic group in the Philippines) from 45 villages in Metro Manila held a prayer-rally at the Maharlika village in Taguig. The rally was hosted by the Pagragn National Movement, a new coalition of Moro
Fikile Majola, general secretary of the National Education, Health and Allied Workers Union (NEHAWU), on June 7 called on university workers and students around the world to offer urgent solidarity to the workers of the University of the
DILI — This city has been rocked by snap public transport stoppages since June 2 in response to a rise in the price of fuel. Small minibuses, “mikrolets”, that provide cheap public transport around Dili, and private taxis have all taken part,
SEOUL — The May 31 to June 4 general strike by South Korean workers has deepened differences between the reformist Democratic Labour Party (DLP) and militants seeking to build a counter-offensive against President Kim Dae Jung's neo-liberal
The following speech was presented by world renowned playwright HAROLD PINTER at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki on April 18.  I am deeply honoured to receive this degree from Aristotle University. I have always felt a strong
Forum: Sri Lanka bans 'talk of peace' BY JAMES VASSILOPOULOS CANBERRA — Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga has “banned talk of peace and for the first time in Sri Lankan history if you criticise the president, laws are used
On June 13, the general strike that began a week earlier forced the Nigerian federal government to all but reverse fuel price increases it had announced earlier. On June 1, the government of President Olusegun Obasanjo had announced a surprise
SERBIA: Students lead anti-Milosevic protests Isolation, skyrocketing poverty, unemployment rates of almost 70% and an infrastructure devastated by NATO's bombing last year has left Serbia in a worse state than its notoriously poor neighbour


By Sibylle Kaczorek DARWIN — On June 2, artist Dadang Christanto's exhibition titled “Reconciliation” was opened with a powerful performance and installation. Christanto, who was born in Indonesia in the late 1950s, uses simple
Review by Marina Carman Elite transition: from Apartheid to Neoliberalism in South Africa By Patrick Bond Pluto Press, London, 2000 318pp, $47.95 For anyone disappointed with the fruits of the post-apartheid period in South Africa
And pigs might fly It was crisis day in the parliament The house was hushed and still. A member rose with a question “Are we doomed to go downhill?” “I am confident of an upturn”, The PM made reply. “If workers pay is held at bay,
Springsteen upsets cops with Diallo song By Norm Dixon "Standing on the stage at Madison Square Garden momentarily shrouded in darkness, Bruce Springsteen sang the words '41 shots' nine times last night. The words begin his new song deploring the
By Bill Nevins "Los ojos de me memoria. Minds eye dances. They can only take your soul if you let them." — Priscilla Baca y Candelaria "Poetry is the sacred way to touch the fabric of peoples' souls in a way that lets them take the stage and
Kumarangk 'Karaoke and Kake' ADELAIDE — Once upon a time, a large number of people who spoke out against a proposed bridge to Kumarangk (Hindmarsh Island) were sued by the developers of a marina on the island. Defamation Magic turned them
A Month in the CountryBy Brian Friel, after TurgenevSydney Theatre CompanyDrama Theatre at the Opera HouseUntil July 15 Review by Mark Stoyich Three examples of recent translations of foreign classics have given Sydney audiences a chance to see how


War drums in the Pacific Coming hard on the heels of George Speight's terrorist coup in Fiji, the Australian capitalist media's battalion of “analysts” were quick to pronounce the Malaita Eagle Force's (MEF) June 5 seizure of Solomon


Green Left Weekly and the GST With the introduction of the GST on July 1, we will be forced to increase the price of Green Left Weekly. This will be the first price increase for GLW since August 1995. Through the GST, the government