Issue 385


Mapoon elder slams Lingard over 'straw hut' remarks
By Bill Mason
BRISBANE — A leader of the Aboriginal community at Mapoon on the Cape York Peninsula has slammed National Party MP and former Aboriginal affairs minister Kev Lingard over racist

Another win for the NTEU
By Jeremy Smith
MELBOURNE — A strike scheduled for November 10 at the Victoria University of Technology was called off after management indicated it would settle an agreement with the National Tertiary Education

Thousands rally to save Leighton
By Anthony Benbow
FREMANTLE — "You all know what you see when you're sitting on the train or driving along Stirling Highway; you come over the hill to this glorious view over the beach and the ocean, and it

Building unions stake their claim
By Michael Bull
MELBOURNE — An alliance of four Victorian unions has launched a united claim for a new collective agreement for the building industry. The Victorian branches of the construction and general

By Grant Coleman
PERTH — After striking for 96 hours, hospital worker members of the Liquor, Hospitality and Miscellaneous Workers Union have won a 5% pay rise and are now entering into arbitration. Five hundred orderlies, caterers and patient

Women's liberation discussed in Wollongong
By Nicole Hilder
WOLLONGONG — On November 6, Green Left Weekly held a women's liberation forum titled "It's Time to Get Angry Again". Dr Margaret Perrott from the Democratic Socialist Party outlined

By Jeremy Smith
The federal Coalition government has set its sights on the National Tertiary Education Industry Union as part of its anti-union offensive. The NTEU has suspected for some time that the government will come after it. Industrial

South Coast teachers bury government offer
By Andrew Hall
WOLLONGONG — Teachers in the northern suburbs of Wollongong buried a coffin outside Labor state MP David Campbell's electoral office on November 11. On the previous day their colleagues

Defence Department opposes nuclear dump
By Molly Wishart
Chiefs of the three defence forces and the secretary of the federal Department of Defence have written to the government expressing opposition to hosting a nuclear waste dump on land used

Telstra walks out of negotiations
By Tim E. Stewart
In an effort to secure an enterprise agreement without union endorsement, Telstra management walked out of negotiations with unions on November 5. The following week, management express-posted

East Timor benefit
CANBERRA — On November 6, Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor (ASIET) and the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union organised a benefit for East Timor at the University of Canberra bar. The folk-rock

In Dili, more than 10,000 East Timorese marched through the streets on November 12 in a solemn commemoration of friends and relatives killed in the 1991 massacre by Indonesian troops at the Santa Cruz cemetery. It was the first such commemoration

SA union secretary resigns
By Bronwen Beechey
ADELAIDE — Paul Noack resigned as the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU) South Australian branch secretary on October 29. Noack's resignation followed a meeting of the AMWU's federal

Gay and lesbian pride springs out
By Kim Bullimore and Simon Tayler
CANBERRA — The ACT's first Gay and Lesbian Pride Festival — Spring Out — included a rally and march on November 13, attended by 300 people. The rally was addressed by,

Government slashes funding to green groups
By Jim Green
On November 8, the federal government announced another round of funding cuts to environment groups. The government's funding program, which totals $1.65 million, will now include grants to

Union members support sector-wide campaign
The Family and Community Services section council of the Community and Public Sector Union passed a motion on November 4 calling for a union campaign for a public service-wide agreement on pay and

Forest summit warns of new threats
By Jim Green
Fifty representatives from forest conservation groups around Australia concluded the 15th national forest summit in Victoria's East Gippsland on November 9. The summit warned that forests face

Bill on same-sex domestic violence welcomed
By Bill Mason
BRISBANE — Gay and lesbian organisations have welcomed the passage of Queensland government legislation giving same-sex couples the same access to domestic violence protection as that

Casual workers to strike
By Chris Slee
MELBOURNE — Contract workers at the Victorian state government's Land Titles Office, members of the Australian Services Union (ASU), are planning to strike on November 14 and 15. The workers are

Two arrested at bridge protest
By John Nebauer
ADELAIDE — Builders are preparing to sink pylons for the controversial Hindmarsh Island bridge, sparking a new outbreak of anti-bridge protests. Two people were arrested at a protest near the


The view from Dili
By Max Lane
DILI — Burned-out buildings and people on foot — these were the immediate impressions of East Timor's capital when I arrived on November 4 for a 36-hour visit. Jakarta-backed militias had done enormous damage

By Sue Njanji Matetakufa
HARARE — More than six months after Zimbabwe's Supreme Court shocked equal rights campaigners worldwide by relegating African women to the status of "junior males" within the family, many Zimbabweans are worried about the

Zimbabwe doctors win, nurses strike
By Norm Dixon
Nurses in several Zimbabwean cities went on strike on November 9 to demand a pay increase, three days after doctors ended their seven-week strike in protest at low salaries, poor working

East Timorese refugees: no end of trauma
By Jon Land
More than 200,000 East Timorese refugees are still languishing in militia-controlled camps across West Timor. United Nations personnel and representatives of human rights groups continue to be

By Eva Cheng
Despite extraordinarily brutal oppression, India's working people are resisting the new attacks that the ruling coalition, regrouped after the October election, is seeking to impose. The offensive, loaded with privatisation and

Win for pay equity in Canada
By Margaret Allum
In a monumental victory for women's rights, the Canadian government agreed on October 29 to implement the July 1998 findings of a human rights tribunal which ruled that there existed a discrepancy in

Budiman Sujatmiko likely to be freed soon
By Max Lane
The Indonesian People's Representative Council (DPR) is likely to recommend the release of at least 44 political prisoners, including People's Democratic Party (PRD) chairperson Budiman

By Raul Cienfuegos
There has been much discussion in Colombia about the "peace" dialogue between the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People's Army (FARC-EP) and the government. After decades of unsuccessfully trying to wipe out left-wing

US blockade aids Iraqi regime
FARIS MAHMOOD, a member of the politburo of the Workers Communist Party of Iraq (WCPI) is in Australia until early next year. He spoke to Green Left Weekly's PAUL BENEDEK. In Iraqi-occupied Kurdistan (in the north),

East Timor Solidarity Aid
Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor (ASIET) is launching Timor Solidarity Aid to provide material assistance to people's power-based activism in East Timor. Strength in organising, campaigning and mobilising

By Sam King
BANDA ACEH — The mass action that overwhelmed Aceh's capital city on November 8 is undeniable proof of the people's desire for a referendum and their resolve to campaign for it. Some 2 million people took to the streets, in the

UN again demands US end its embargo against Cuba
The United Nations General Assembly on November 9 overwhelmingly endorsed a resolution, for the eighth successive year, calling for an end to the 40-year-old US economic embargo against Cuba. The

By Robyn Marshall
BRISBANE — United States doctor Warren Hern was detained and questioned by immigration authorities for two hours at Sydney airport on November 10. Hern, a supporter of women's right to choose abortion, was in Australia to attend


A matter of life or death
The national crisis in public health care was dramatised last week when emergency wards in at least five public hospitals in Sydney were closed to all patients except those with life-threatening conditions. "You don't get


By Kate Carr
"Identity politics" emerged from British and US feminism towards the end of the 1970s. It developed in reaction to the failure of liberal feminism to adequately incorporate or acknowledge the differing experiences and demands of women

By Kylie Moon
BANKSTOWN — A major victory has been won by the students at the University of Western Sydney-Macarthur's (UWSM) Bankstown campus, a result of a 14-day long occupation of the Student Information Centre which ended on November 10. The

By Natalie Zirngast
High school students will walk out on November 30 in Seattle to join a protest against the World Trade Organisation (see Green Left Weekly page 20). The protest is being organised by the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and

By Natalie Zirngast
The Australian Broadcasting Authority (ABA) inquiry into the "cash for comments" scandal involving 2UE's shock jocks John Laws and Alan Jones has the rest of the Australian media running scared. Alan Kohler commented in the

By Rohan Pearce and Nikki Ulasowski
HOBART — Recent articles in the Murdoch-owned Mercury are an example of how the media can reinforce racist myths and whip up nationalism. The government's crackdown on "boat people" has been an excuse for the

By Anthony Brown
Despite much talk about a youth "crime wave", statistics show that youth crime is not out of control and that young people themselves are often the victims of crime. It is true that most criminal offenders are young people. The

Tutorial sizes to be capped at 30 until autumn 2000;
Employment to be guaranteed for five staff crucial to a number of courses continuing;
No internet-only subjects to be offered;
Enrolments to be made not only via the internet;
No car


Reclaiming the language of East Timor
By Jon Land
Standard Tetum-English DictionaryBy Dr Geoffrey HullAllen and Unwin$24.95 As the transition to independence begins in East Timor, a debate around language is assuming critical importance. What

The dictatorship of US$ and Wall Street
The Global Gamble: Washington's Faustian Bid for World DominanceBy Peter GowanVerso, 1999320 pp., $39.95 Review by Eva Cheng
Guns and tanks are usually very visible, but those who control the world also do

Bad medicine
By Karl Miller
I accidentally caught the last segment of Good Medicine, on Channel Nine at 8.30pm Wednesday night. It was one of those times you are so horrified you can't stop watching. Those 10 minutes were a segment on breast