Issue 268


Solidarity with students in East Timor By Minh Tan MELBOURNE — Last month I travelled to East Timor as part of a six-member student delegation, which had the support of the National Union of Students, solidarity groups and East Timorese
Queensland teachers call 24-hour strike By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Queensland teachers voted overwhelmingly in a series of statewide ballots to strike for 24 hours on March 25 over pay and conditions. The vote by 9000 Queensland Teachers
Aboriginal rights on the agenda By Chris Spindler SYDNEY — "Racism is what defines this country", said Jenny Munro, chairperson of the Metropolitan Lands Council. "Many in this country pretend that racism is not there, but as Aboriginal
Campaign against Otway logging bears fruit By Bronwen Beechey Residents of the Otway Ranges south-west of Geelong have scored a victory in their campaign to stop logging on the Wild Dog bushwalking track. The Department of Natural Resources
Socialists assess Brisbane council result By Bill Mason BRISBANE — "In the context of alternative party politics in this country, the vote of more than 6% for Democratic Socialist candidates in the March 15 Brisbane City Council elections
Doctors end strike By Kamala Emanuel Junior doctors returned to work in NSW hospitals on March 19 as a precondition to negotiations between their union, the Public Services Association, and federal health minister Michael Wooldridge. After
Anti-militarism forum By Ryan Scott MELBOURNE — Pro-democracy activists in Indonesia and Burma confront increasing repression, the people of Bougainville struggle against Australian-trained and -equipped PNG troops, East Timor remains an
Campaign to Free Vanunu launched By Linda Kaucher SYDNEY — An Australian campaign to free Mordechai Vanunu, the Israeli anti-nuclear whistle-blower, was launched here last week. Vanunu was kidnapped from Italy, convicted of treason in a
Homeless Aborigines take to the streets By Bill Day DARWIN — Homeless Aboriginal people in Darwin have grown impatient with NT government inaction. Since the chief minister has called the chairperson of the Northern Land Council,
Judi Bari, 1949-1997 @box text intro = US environmental and civil rights activist Judi Bari died of cancer on March 2. Bari came into the international limelight in 1991 when a bomb exploded in her car, leaving her crippled. She had been
Sydney University sells economics course By Emily McCosker SYDNEY — There was widespread student concern last week over the news that Sydney University's Economics 1 course has been sold to a private college. Up to 50 students who
Big crowds around the country attended debut screenings of There is only one word — Resist!, a documentary about the underground resistance to the Suharto dictatorship. The film made was in secret by community television director Jill Hickson in
By Ben Reid MELBOURNE — A public forum here on March 16 discussed the prospects for forming a branch of the New Labour Party. Speakers were Elvie Sievers from the Friends of Richmond Secondary College and Bob Leach, the interim national
Gay law reform and the High Court "Gay Victory": this was how the February 27 edition of the Burnie Advocate referred to the unanimous High Court decision to allow our case to proceed. When we originally lodged our case, the Tasmanian government
By Ro Evans SYDNEY — Asthma, difficulty in breathing, skin problems, headaches and itchy eyes are common complaints among residents living near the disused Ford tip site in Sydney's Homebush West, not far from the Olympics 2000 site. They
Moves to extend work for the dole By Marina Cameron Legislation to establish new work for the dole schemes was introduced into federal parliament on March 19, amidst news that unemployment figures for February had jumped to 8.8%, while
By Susan Price and Sean Lennon MELBOURNE — A 700-strong demonstration against National Action on March 15 signalled a strong beginning to the campaign against the neo-Nazi presence in the northern suburb of Fawkner. The rally and march


Car workers march on Brussels By James Vassilopoulos On March 16, 150,000 workers from France, Belgium, the Netherlands and England marched on Brussels to protest against the closure of Belgium's Renault car plant at Vilvoorde. The rally
By Gim Joong-gen In the aftermath of counter-revolution and the 1950-53 war, southern Korea was subjected to massive anticommunist scare campaigns, fervent indoctrination of citizens from childhood and a distorted official history to shore up
Behind the attacks on Albania's revolution By Mike Karadjis For several weeks, the Albanian working people have been in armed rebellion against the corrupt US-backed Sali Berisha, whose free market rampage robbed the bulk of Albanians of
By Norm Dixon The African National Congress (ANC) government's 1997-98 budget has disappointed its working-class supporters with its emphasis on cutting government spending and its unwillingness to begin the massive redistribution of wealth
By Peter Montague In the United States, brain cancer has been steadily increasing about 0.7% per year since 1973. This steady increase is noteworthy by itself. However, among people over age 65, brain cancer has been increasing 2.9% each year,
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — Driven by increasing rank and file ferment, Russia's trade union bodies have united around a call for a day of work stoppages and demonstrations to force the government and employers to pay spiralling wage debts. Set
By James Balowski In a statement released by Human Rights Watch/Asia dated March 10, executive director Sidney Jones described Sri Bintang Pamungkas as "a man the president finds intolerable". Jones went on to say: "He's everything that good
Bomb blasts rock Beijing The Chinese government has launched another campaign to "fight crime" after the capital was rocked by two bomb blasts in early March. The explosions followed three similar attacks on public buses in Urumqi, the capital
Clinton: more arms to Indonesia By Jon Lamb A report recently released in the United States exposes the myth that the Clinton administration has become tougher on the Suharto regime over human rights abuses in Indonesia and East Timor. In
By Sam Wainwright PARIS — "The government has sought and found a balance between individual freedoms and the authority of the state", said minister of the interior Jean-Louis Debré on March 13 after France's Senate passed a package of
By Jenny Francis SANTA MARTA, El Salvador — In national and local elections held here on March 16, the Salvadoran people punished the ruling National Republican Alliance (ARENA) and gave a solid mandate to the Farabundo Martí National


All-dancing Aboriginal and Islander fun Gammon Old YarnsBy Naroo Dance Company Review by Brendan Doyle "Naroo", meaning "shake a leg", is an Aboriginal dance style from north Queensland. Naroo are a performing troupe who present traditional
Voices of Freedom: An Oral History of the Civil Rights Movement From the 1950s to the 1980SHenry Hampton and Steve Fayer (eds)Vintage Press, 1995. Published in Australia by Random House. 692 pp., $22.95 The Black Panthers SpeakPhilip S. Foner (ed)Da
What's really going on in Nimbin? Visions of Nimbin ExpoNimbin Showgrounds, March 29-31 Review by Jennie Dell It's nearly a quarter of a century since the population of the NSW north coast started to swell. Next year is the 25th anniversary
By Craig Cormick Chchchchk! Chchchchk! Chchchchk! It's the feeling of a big lever being tightened. Slowly. Painfully. Screwing something into my head. I open my eyes slowly. And I wish I hadn't. My head aches worse. Chchchchk! One more turn on
Building strength and solidarity IntuitionAnt McKennaProduced by Ant McKenna and Phil Ross Review by Nick Everett Intuition is the debut CD of Brisbane-based singer-songwriter Ant McKenna. Since 1993, McKenna has been playing gigs in and
Lovelock's Dream RunBy David GearyNew Theatre, Sydney, until April 5 Review by Brendan Doyle David Geary's play tells the story of Howard, unhappy pupil at a New Zealand boarding school, who is obsessed with his school's sporting hero, Jack
By Bronwen Beechey MELBOURNE — The 11th Melbourne International Comedy Festival, running March 27-April 20, was recently attacked by right-wing radio commentator Neil Mitchell as being of interest only to "wankers living in Northcote and
Totally rocked by women's bands By Corinne Glenn PERTH — "Totally Frocked" on March 15 was a special night for West Australian women in rock. Sixteen performances by woman-fronted or all-women bands were held in three rooms at the
SYDNEY — As part of the 15th Greek Festival of Sydney, a festival of Greek films will be held at the Academy Twin Cinemas in Darlinghurst, Tuesday-Thursday, March 25-27. The program includes five feature films and six prize-winning shorts. The


Selective conscience The Senate is expected to vote on Monday night, after we have gone to press, on Victorian Liberal MP Kevin Andrews' bill to overturn the Northern Territory law permitting voluntary euthanasia. Indications are that the