Issue 20


By Dick Nichols

SYDNEY — In a special one-day sitting last week, the Liberal-National state government of Nick Greiner brought down proposals to lop 12,500 public servants off the payroll, privatise the Government Insurance Office and the State Bank,...

WA Aborigines warn on heritage act

By Leon Harrison

PERTH — Aboriginal representatives have warned of a strong reaction if the state government goes ahead with pro-mining amendments to the WA Aboriginal Heritage Act.

Following a...

Lesbian Festival '91

By Janet Fraser

SYDNEY — Lesbian Festival '91 continues all this week (through July 14) with art shows, a trade fair, dance party, workshops, cabaret and films. A cafe at Glebe High School can supply tickets, conference...

Green fridge

The Australian Conservation Foundation has launched a quest for an energy-efficient, ozone benign, commercial/domestic refrigerator for use in Australia and developing countries.

The ACF's newsletter reports that the quest will involve tertiary students of science,...

By Peter Boyle

MELBOURNE, July 4 — Hasan Donmez was lying on a camp bed in an old tent that couldn't completely keep out the winter wind. By his side was a bottle of water and some salt — all he had taken for eight days in his strike against...

By Archie Moore

MELBOURNE — Eleven political refugees imprisoned for up to 18 months at Maribyrnong Immigration Detention Centre have been on hunger strike since June 24. The group, eight Somalis, two Bulgarian Macedonians and an Iranian, are fasting in...

Controversy over women's dance

By Melanie Sjoberg

MELBOURNE — Months after the event, Northcote City Council has refused to return a bond for the hire of Northcote Town Hall for the International Women's Day dance. The bond was provided by...

By Fran Ellery

SYDNEY — A Chilean naval training ship, used as an interrogation and torture centre during the military dictatorship, will be arriving in Sydney this week.

During the Pinochet regime, the Esmerelda was "non grata" in...

By Rose McCann

SYDNEY — Call to Australia Party leader Fred Nile has foreshadowed yet another attempt to restrict women's access to abortion in NSW.

Nile, narrowly re-elected to the state upper house on May 25, with less than 4% of the overall...

Browning acquitted on fire-bombing charges

Anti-apartheid activist Kerry Browning was acquitted by a Canberra jury on July 4 on all charges related to the alleged fire bombing in 1988 of cars belonging to the South African and US embassies.

Browning, who spent...

By Peter Boyle

Minister for employment, education and training John Dawkins didn't succeed in his effort to push a cut in immigration through the ALP national conference in Hobart, but the issue is being taken up by the media and others.


Hot air at smog summit

By Tracy Sorensen

SYDNEY — An election promise by Liberal Premier Nick Greiner in the run-up to the NSW elections on May 25 has been fulfilled. A "smog summit" was held July 4-5 to talk about the Sydney region's worsening...

By Tracy Sorensen

SYDNEY — When the Jabiluka uranium mine site was sold to North Broken Hill Peko Ltd on July 3, the Northern Territory government and what the Australian calls "industry observers" started talking up the possibility...

Supporting Burma's struggle

By Dick Nichols

SYDNEY — A July 20 solidarity dinner here may wellmark the beginning of heightened support for the struggle of the Burmese people for democracy, according to Debbie Stothard of Burma Alert!


BRISBANE — As a result of the Accord and enterprise bargaining, "the rank and file have less say in union affairs than ever before," Transport Workers Union Brisbane branch secretary Hughie Williams told an all-day seminar on June 30. Williams said transport workers had suffered...


Number One

By Andrew L. Shapiro

After years of slipping superiority and encroaching mediocrity, the "We're Number One" ethos is born again in America. General Schwarzkopf assures us we're the world's only superpower; President Bush hails the unique ability of...

Interview by Renfrey Clarke

A chemistry graduate, Paul Soler-Sala has spent the past 10 months in the Soviet Union as a representative of the US environmental organisation Ecologia. During much of this time, he has travelled through the USSR meeting...

By Mary Merkenich

HATTINGEN, Germany — The German Greens are no longer a vehicle for social change, according to Jutta Ditfurth, the prominent "Fundi" who led a walkout from the party's congress in April.

Speaking to Green Left,...

Interview by Peter Annear and Sally Low

Despite difficulties faced by some of the older Green parties such as Germany's Die Grünen, around the world there is strong interest in green politics as a genuine alternative. ROSS MIRKARIMI works for the Arms Control Research...

By Mary Judith Ress

SANTIAGO, Chile — As many as one in four Latin Americans — 90 to 120 million people — could come down with cholera in the coming months, according to estimates by the World Health Organisation.

The disease has reached...

By Peter Annear

It is not only in Yugoslavia that the crumbling of Eastern European Stalinism has reopened national dissatisfactions and disputes. For most of this year, Czechoslovak politics has been coloured by the question of Slovak nationalism. PETER ANNEAR reports...

By Steve Painter

The Yugoslav government's military actions against the breakaway Slovenian republic will almost certainly speed rather than slow the break-up of the Yugoslav federation. Already, there are clear signs of demoralisation in the heavily conscript army and...

By Martin Mulligan

On the 12th anniversary of the revolution, Nicaraguans suffer living standards that have plummeted since the electoral defeat of the Sandinistas in February 1990.

In the last year, the annual inflation rate reached a staggering 13,500%. The...

By Dan Connell

SHARM EL SHEIKH, Egypt — The stark, rugged mountains of the Sinai desert and the kaleidoscopic undersea world just offshore appear to form one of the most serene spots on earth.

Yet a hidden conflict pits the hordes of tourists...

Interview by Bryan Thomas

FIONA BJOERLING is speaker of the Swedish Green Party. She was interviewed for Green Left by BRYAN THOMAS.

How important do you think democracy is in helping to save the world?...

By Peter Annear

Concluding a series of articles, PETER ANNEAR reports from Prague on the outlook for Czechoslovak politics in the '90s.

Once Civic Forum had to turn to constructive tasks of political and economic management after last June's parliamentary...

Greens call for support

The Greens of Slovenia, an important part of the governing DEMOS coalition elected in April-May 1990, have appealed to all green organisations to call for recognition of the Slovenian republic.

The June 27 appeal, signed by party president Dusan Plut,...

Challenge to land reform

Mass anger was provoked on June 17, when National Assembly member Fernando Zelaya introduced a bill to rescind land ownership laws passed in March 1990, before the present government took office.

The Sandinistas say 200,000 families who had never before...

By Greg Adamson

Thirty-two years after its revolution, Cuba is training 100,000 oxen for plowing, President Fidel Castro reported earlier this year. This underlines the extreme problems faced by the small Caribbean island.

Cuba's natural trading partner is the...

Radioactive leakage from Moruroa

The presence of radioactive cesium-134 has been confirmed by analysis of plankton sampled last year in international waters close to France's nuclear test site at Moruroa in the South Pacific, according to a report released by Greenpeace International....

By Peter Gellert

MEXICO CITY — Latin American left and democratic parties and movements met here June 12-15. The gathering, a continuation of the San Paulo forum held last year at the initiative of the Brazilian Workers Party (PT), was attended by more...


Congratulations to you

For those who don't read the small print on the cover carefully: this is the 20th issue of Green Left Weekly. That makes it an anniversary of sorts. And thereby hangs a tale — quite a few of them, in fact.

When the idea for this newspaper was first...


By Peter Boyle

MELBOURNE — Consider a radio station which has been condemned by the Bulletin as "a front for terrorism" and attacked a decade later (in 1988) by former Labor minister Steven Crabb for defending the Builders' Labourers...

By David Robie

By Roger Moody
Published by People Against RTZ and its Subsidiaries (PARTIZANS), London, and Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa (CAFCA), Christchurch, NZ. 1991. A$12.50
Reviewed by...

By Christine Kearney

(Continued from page 28.)

This freedom means that 4ZZZ, like other public stations, is able to play "non-commercial, progressive music with a bit of intelligence".

4ZZZ's motto of "Agitate, Educate, Organise" is reflected in the music...

By Barry Healy

Down Under Chelsea
By Mona Brand
Directed by Sharon Singleton
Stables Theatre, Sydney, until July 14
Reviewed by Barry Healy

What is the price which communists pay for their...

By Father Shay Cullen

This is fiction, but it is based on a tragic reality. We are proud to present this short story by Father SHAY CULLEN, the founder of the Preda drug rehabilitation centre in Olongapo, the Philippine city adjacent to the US Subic Bay...

Video on Gulf War

By Stuart Wax

SYDNEY — A new video, Consequences of the Gulf War, had its debut at the Trades Hall here on July 4. Film maker John Reynolds told the audience the media was biased and that he wanted to...

By Susan Mackie

Queen of Hearts
Screenplay by Tony Grisoni
Directed by Jon Amiel
Dendy Cinema, Sydney
Reviewed by Susan Mackie

Voted best film by audiences at the Sydney Film Festival, this...

By Claire Wagner

Brisbane's Fortitude Valley rocketed to national notoriety when the ABC screened scenes outside brothels and disclosed police corruption. CLAIRE WAGNER looks at the less "newsworthy" but more important issue of redevelopment.